What Are TExES Content Tests?


What do I need to know about the TExES content exams?

TExES (Texas Examinations of Educator Standards) content tests are standardized exams mandated by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC). They qualify Texas teachers for certification in more than 60 teaching specialties. The tests measure teaching readiness and skills as well as specific subject matter expertise.

For example, the Core Subjects EC-6 and Core Subjects 4-8 are some of the TExES exams used to assess prospective early childhood, elementary, and middle school teachers. There are several other TExES content tests for K-12, special education, middle, and high school subjects. Exams can be retaken if they are not passed.

Who can take a TExES exam?

TExES teacher tests may be taken by several categories of educators, including:

  • Those who are participating in an educator preparation program and seeking initial certification in Texas. These candidates must receive approval from their teacher preparation program before taking tests.
  • Those who are already certified and licensed outside of the state of Texas. These teachers must be approved by the Texas Education Agency before taking content tests.
  • Texas certified teachers who would like to earn classroom certification in an additional area.
  • Educators in charter schools may need to take a content test in their teaching area.

What is the difference between a TExES exam and a PACT exam?

TExES exams are meant for individuals who are enrolled in or have completed an educator preparation program (EPP). In the past, some TExES exams could also be used to meet admissions requirements for one of these EPPs.

However, a new series of PACT tests, or Pre-Admission Content Tests, will be offered beginning on 27 January, 2020, after which point TExES exams can no longer be used to meet EPP admissions requirements.

How much does TExES testing cost?

The standard fee for a TExES content exam is $116.

The total cost of taking a TExES exam could vary based upon how many retakes a candidate must attempt. Candidates must pay the full exam fee again for a retake. However, candidates who do not pass all of the subtests included in the Core Subjects EC-6 (291) and Core Subjects 4-8 (211) tests can pay a $58 fee to retake an individual subtest.

When considering TExES test costs, testers must also take into account travel expenses (study aides, gas, time off work, etc.). The test is offered in many testing centers throughout Texas and there should be one close to a potential examinee. There are also several out-of-state and international options for testing.

What score do I need to pass the TExES content exam?

A passing score on the TExES content examination is a 240 out of a possible 300 points. Candidates are only allowed five attempts to pass a particular content test in Texas, although there are waivers available. All attempts to take a test count toward the five-test limit.

If a teacher certification candidate fails a test or subtest, they must wait a period of 45 days before attempting to retake a TExES exam. After a test has been taken, scores are available through the same account an examinee used to register for TExES tests.

Where can I find TExES content tests prep courses?

Individuals wishing to teach in the state of Texas may ask, where can I find preparatory courses to study for the TExES content test? Study.com has many TExES content test prep courses for teachers seeking certification. Select your content area below to review the video tutorials, practice tests, and self-evaluation quizzes included in each course:

The TExES PPR test is administered to teachers seeking certification in Texas. Learn more about the content, structure and purpose of the PPR exam, and find out what you can do to prepare.

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