What are TExMaT Exams?

Note: The TExMaT has been discontinued. Teachers seeking certification in Texas are now required to take the TExES exams. Please use this page if you need to know past information regarding the TExMaT.

What Is the TExMaT?

The Texas Examinations for Master Teachers (TExMaT) program is a series of assessments designed to confirm the preparedness of teachers seeking Master Teacher certification. This designation is a voluntary credential awarded to experienced educators looking to take on mentoring roles, and applicants will need to pass TExMaT tests in order to earn recognition.

History of the TExMaT

Initially, there was only one exam in the series: Master Reading Teacher. The designation was designed as part of an effort to help Texas students develop grade-appropriate reading skills by the time they completed the third grade.

In the early 2000s, two more exams were added: the Master Mathematics Teacher (MMT) and the Master Technology Teacher (MTT). The Master Science Teacher (MST) exam was proposed in 2002 and became part of the series in 2006.

Who Is Eligible to Take the TExMaT?

First and foremost, all candidates need to complete an accredited Educator Preparation Program (EPP).

Candidates seeking the MRT credential need to have a Texas Reading Specialist certificate. Applicants who do not hold this certificate must hold a Texas teaching certificate and have at least three years of teaching experience.

Similarly, MST and MMT candidates need to have three years of teaching experience and a teaching certificate from the state.

If you're looking for the MTT credential, you have two options for meeting eligibility requirements. Option one involves having three years of teaching experience and holding a Texas Technology Education or Technology Applications teaching certificate.

If you do not possess either of those teaching certificates, you can pursue the second option. You'll need three years of teaching experience and a Texas teaching certificate. You'll also need to take an exam from the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board, which is administered after you complete your EPP.

How Does the TExMaT Relate to the TExES?

As mentioned above, teachers looking to earn a Master Teacher credential will need to have Texas teaching certificates, and this certification requires taking one or more TExES exams.

While TExES tests are not designed as a part of the TExMaT process, they serve as a stepping stone if you intend on pursuing a Master Teacher certification.

TExMaT Exams

Despite falling under the same umbrella, TExMaT exams are not identical in their structure or format. Read on for more information on specific tests in the series.

Master Reading Teacher (MRT)

The main goals of a Master Reading Teacher are to teach reading skills and provide assistance to other, less-experienced teachers.

The MRT assessment, as the name suggests, is used to confirm that instructors have the skill and knowledge required to fulfill these duties. The exam is divided into a multiple-choice section and a case study with constructed-response questions.

Master Mathematics Teacher (MMT) & Master Science Teacher (MST)

Just like the reading certification, the MMT and MST certifications serve as proof that a teacher is qualified to teach mathematics and science at various grade levels. Exams for these credentials feature the same structure. Each has one multiple-choice section and one case study.

Unlike the MRT, however, the MMT and MST exams are offered in three different grade levels:

  • Early Childhood-Grade 4
  • Grades 4-8
  • Grades 8-12

Master Technology Teacher (MTT)

The MTT is sort of an outlier in the series. It is administered as a computer-based test, while the other TExMaT exams are paper-based. Candidates must sit for the exam at a specially equipped testing center.

The MTT test consists of four sections (instead of the usual two), and the exam is administered in two halves. Part 1 includes 90 multiple-choice questions and a question based on a case study, but Part 2 features a question about spreadsheet functionality and another about presentation software. These questions focus on Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, respectively.

Registering for TExMaT Exams

Registration is a fairly straightforward process for these tests. Candidates must first determine if they are eligible, and they will need approval from their Educator Preparation Program (EPP).

Once eligible, candidates can go to the ETS website for a list of testing centers and dates. After selecting the proper date and time, students can register online for the MRT, MMT, and MST exams via the website. MTT registration is not offered online. Candidates will need to register via phone.

If candidates do not pass on their first try, they are granted four retakes.

Preparing for TExMaT Exams

Candidates looking for study aids can find helpful links on the ETS website, which has an entire page of free resources. These resources include test overviews, preparation guides, and test familiarization videos, all of which serve to acclimate candidates to their upcoming assessment.

For further help, check out these self-paced study guides, which provide a comprehensive overview of each exam and important test topics:

The TExES PPR test is administered to teachers seeking certification in Texas. Learn more about the content, structure and purpose of the PPR exam, and find out what you can do to prepare.

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