What are the ASWB Exams?


What the ASWB Tests Are Used For

The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) offers five ASWB tests that are used to determine if an individual qualifies to receive his or her social work license. Applicants must qualify to test through their state's social work board and pass the appropriate ASWB exam for their education level or area of focus in order to be licensed.

ASWB Tests Offered

The specific ASWB tests used from region to region can vary. The ASWB tests approved for use by a licensing board are determined by the board itself. This means that individuals who are interested in obtaining their social work license must check with their licensing board to determine which tests they should take.

There are up to five ASWB tests that are used. They are:

  • The Associate ASWB exam
  • The Bachelors ASWB exam
  • The Masters ASWB exam
  • The Advanced Generalist ASWB exam
  • The Clinical ASWB exam

What the ASWB Tests Cover

ASWB test questions focus on specific content areas that are listed in exam content outlines accessible on the ASWB website. For example, the Bachelors ASWB exam covers topics like human development and how people behave in different social settings. It also assesses a test-taker's ability to gather relevant information to form an evaluation of a client.

Individuals who are taking the Associate or Bachelors ASWB can use the Bachelors exam content outline because both tests follow the same material. There are separate outlines available for the Masters, Advanced Generalist and Clinical ASWB tests. Individuals should refer to these outlines to familiarize themselves with the information they will be tested on and the types of skills they will need to be able to demonstrate in order to pass.

Structure of the Tests

Individuals will be expected to answer a total of 170 questions when they take their ASWB exam. The questions are presented in multiple-choice format through a computer program. Test-takers are given four hours to answer all of the questions.

Where ASWB Tests are Given

Pearson VUE test sites are used to oversee the ASWB tests. Once an individual has gone through the steps to register for the test and received testing authorization, he/she can schedule a test time at a Pearson VUE center.

Test Fees

The Associate, Bachelors and Masters ASWB tests cost $230. The fee for the Advanced Generalist and Clinical ASWB exams is $260. These are the fees assessed by the ASWB. Additional fees may be charged by a test-taker's social work board.

Individuals will be charged a $30 if they change their registration.

Where to Find ASWB Study Materials

To be ready for your ASWB test it is important to review all of the information you will be tested on. Each of the study courses below includes over 100 self-paced lessons that allow you to fit study time in when it is convenient. They also feature practice tests you can use to determine when you're ready for your test.

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Although ASWB test questions are either answered correctly or incorrectly, there are scoring adjustments to account for the difficulty of the questions. Read on to learn about the scoring system used for ASWB tests and how it works.

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