What Are the Pass Rates for the CLEP?

Military Passing Rates

Active members and civilian employees of the United States Armed Forces, their spouses and qualifying veterans can take CLEP exams at no cost. The number of military personnel who performed well enough to earn college credit is outlined below:

  • 2015 Total Number of Exams: 55,743
  • Number of Passed Exams: 32,734
  • Number of Failed Exams: 23,009
  • Overall Passing Rate: 59%

Individual subject exams with the highest passing rates among military test takers included Spanish Language, French Language, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, College Composition, and College Composition Modular. Each of these exams had passing rates of over 70%.

Civilian Passing Rates

Current college students, home schooled students and high school graduates can also take CLEP exams to reduce the cost of their college education. The same statistics about pass rates are listed below:

  • 2015 Total Number of Exams: 121,068
  • Number of Passed Exams: 93,757
  • Number of Failed Exams: 27,311
  • Rate of Passed Exams: 77%

Exams with the highest passing rates among civilian test takers included College Composition, College Composition Modular, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, Spanish Language, French Language, Introductory Psychology, Principles of Marketing, and Introductory Sociology. The pass rates for these tests was over 80%.

Passing CLEP Test Scores

Every college and university has its own standards for determining whether it will award credit for CLEP exams. Check your school's website to be sure that it will accept CLEP tests and to see what score you will need to earn.

According to College Board, the recommended minimum passing score for most subject exams is 50 points. There are three exceptions: Level 2 French (59), Level 2 German (60), and Level 2 Spanish (63).

Test Prep Resources

Study.com has CLEP prep resources for a wide range of subjects. In addition to study guides and practice tests, Study.com's courses contain short video lessons covering exam content and several self-assessment quizzes that provide practice for your CLEP exam:

By taking College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, you can earn college credit for a fraction of what it costs to take courses. Read on to learn about CLEP test-taking strategies and test-prep resources so you are prepared to ace your tests and save money on your way to a college degree.

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