What Colleges Accept GED?

Going to College With a GED

If you are pursuing a GED diploma and considering postsecondary education, then you may be wondering what options you will have. Understanding which colleges accept GED diplomas can play an important role in determining where you plan to pursue a certificate, diploma or degree.

Two-Year Schools Accept GED Students

There are community and technical colleges from coast to coast that readily accept applicants with a GED. Many have open admissions policies and accept students on a first-come, first-served basis. Examples of community and technical colleges that accept GED students are included below.

Community Colleges

Seattle Central College San Diego Community College
Miami Dade College Community College of Baltimore County
Phoenix College Community College of Philadelphia
Richmond Community College Lawson State Community College
Houston Community College Wayne County Community College
Frederick Community College Bluegrass Community and Technical College
Cleveland Community College Nashville State Community College
City Colleges of Chicago Kansas City Kansas Community College

Technical Colleges

Middle Georgia Technical College Oregon Institute of Technology
Associated Technical College Minnesota State Community and Technical College
Florida Technical College Texas State Technical College
Ohio Technical College Tennessee College of Applied Technology

Four-Year Schools Accept GED Students

Four-year colleges and universities often have more competitive admissions processes. These schools might require GED applicants to also submit ACT or SAT scores, depending on their age and the length of time they've been out of school. A sufficient number of high school course credits might also be required. Some of the universities that accept GED applicants include:

Penn State University University of Maryland
Purdue Global University University of North Texas
Colorado State University University of Oregon
University of Michigan Point Park University
University of Cincinnati Blue Ash University of Cincinnati Clement
University of Memphis University of California

This table demonstrates that there are opportunities for individuals with a GED to attend universities in all parts of the United States.

GED Diploma Levels

It is possible to earn a GED diploma with the designation Passing Score, College Ready or College Ready + Credit. Pursuing college studies is possible with each designation, but schools may have different registration requirements based on the diploma designation earned.

Passing Score

Individuals with a passing score earned 145 or more points on their GED exams. They can gain admission to a college but might have to take remedial classes to prepare for college-level studies or pass placement exams before registering in college classes.

College Ready

Those who earn their diploma with a College Ready designation have scored 165 or more on their tests, and many institutions accept this designation as an indication that an individual is ready to pursue college classes. It's common for these students to be accepted without needing to take placement tests or remedial classes to prepare for college studies.

College Ready + Credit

With scores of 175 or more on their GED exams, individuals have shown they have a high level of knowledge in the GED subject areas. Some schools may grant them college credits because of their performance. They are eligible for up to 10 college credits, including 3 in math, science and social studies and 1 credit in humanities.

Financial Aid

GED applicants are eligible for government-administered financial aid to attend college. This is a clear indication that individuals with a GED are readily accepted by many colleges and postsecondary institutions.

Studying for GED Tests

When you're preparing for your GED exams, you can use a variety of study materials, such as the resources linked to here, to ensure that you cover the proper material and familiarize yourself with the type of information you will be tested on in each subject area.

GED stands for the General Educational Development tests. These exams are taken by individuals who did not earn a high school diploma and cover four main subject areas. The successful completion of these tests provides the same benefits as graduating high school. Read on to learn more.

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