What GACE Test Do I Need To Take?


GACE Tests Required For Certification

GACE tests are used to qualify prospective teachers as well as other educational professionals in the state of Georgia. This article will look at the 6 types of assessments GACE uses for certification.

GACE Program Admission Test

The GACE Program Admission Test used to be known as the Basic Skills Test. It contains 3 subtests that evaluate an applicant's skills in mathematics, reading and writing. This test is used as part of the certification process for all individuals entering a standard teacher preparation program in Georgia and GaTAPP candidates. It may be possible to meet this requirement with suitable scores on SATs or other standardized, approved exams.

GACE Content Tests

Content tests can be used to qualify teachers to work with students at specific grade levels or to teach specific subjects. Content tests are also used to certify special education teachers.

Grade-Focused Content Tests

The GACE Early Childhood Education Test, GACE Early Childhood Special Education General Curriculum Test and GACE Birth Through Kindergarten Test are available for those who want to teach young students and those in elementary school.

Middle school teachers can take the GACE Middle Grades Science Test, GACE Middle Grades Social Science Test, GACE Middle Grades Mathematics Test, GACE Middle Grades Reading Test or the GACE Middle Grades Language Arts Test to earn certification to teach their specialty subject to students in middle school grades.

Subject-Area Content Tests

Teachers can qualify to instruct students in specific subjects, including the subject areas listed here:

Agriculture Education Art Education American Sign Language
Biology Business Education Chemistry
Computer Science Economics Engineering and Technology Education
English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Family and Consumer Sciences Education French
Geography German Health and Physical Education
Health Education History Instructional Technology
Latin Marketing Education Mathematics
Music Physics Political Science
Reading Science Spanish

Special Education Content Tests

Special education teachers must take the appropriate content test to qualify for certification. Special education tests offered are:

  • The GACE Special Education Adapted Curriculum Test
  • The GACE Special Education Deaf Education Test
  • The GACE Special Education General Curriculum Test
  • The GACE Special Education Mathematics and Science Test
  • The GACE Special Education Reading, English Language Arts, and Social Studies Test

Other Content Tests

Other content tests used include the GACE School Psychology Test, GACE School Counseling Test and GACE Media Specialist Test.

GACE Certificate Upgrade Test

Some specialization areas offer the opportunity to earn advanced credentials. The following GACE Certificate Upgrade Tests are available:

  • GACE Curriculum and Instruction Test
  • GACE Instructional Technology Test
  • GACE Teacher Leadership Test

GACE Educational Leadership Test

School leaders in the state of Georgia must pass the GACE Educational Leadership Test to be certified. The focus is on testing the skills of administrators in schools, such as principals, and regional administrators, such as superintendents.

GACE Georgia Ethics Test

Candidates entering a teacher preparation program, and beginning teachers must complete a training program in ethics for educators. In connection with this training program, candidates must take the GACE Georgia Educator Ethics Test.

School administrators, such as principals or assistant principals, take the GACE Georgia Ethics For Educational Leadership Test. Individuals who are enrolled in an educational leadership preparation program must take these assessments.

There are 2 parts to these tests. One is an entrance test, and one is an exit test.

GACE Paraprofessional Assessment Test

Paraprofessionals, such as teacher assistants, are required to take the GACE Paraprofessional Assessment Test to be certified. It evaluates the applicant's skills and knowledge in mathematics, writing and reading. It also determines if the applicant is capable of effectively assisting students so that they understand skills and principles they are being taught.

Studying For GACE Tests

Before you schedule your exam make sure you take advantage of online resources that can be used to study thoroughly for your GACE test. Some resource materials can be accessed through these links:

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