What is a Passing Score on the CSET?


CSET Exam Passing Scores

To pass a CSET exam, you need to score a 220 or above on each subtest that makes up your exam. Each subtest is scored on a scale of 100 to 300 once your raw score has been converted. The passing score is the same for all of the CSET subject exams available.

The majority of CSET subtests are scored using these proportions:

  • Multiple-choice questions - 70%
  • Constructed response questions - 30%

Special Requirements

For the CSET: Art Subtest II, test takers will need to prepare six original pieces of their work for consideration in passing the exam. This is a requirement, and anyone who takes the exam without providing these submissions will not earn a passing grade. Likewise, those who take the Music Subtest II will be required to submit two videos of their performances along with the exam.

Retaking the Test

If you do not pass your CSET subject exam, you can re-register for the next available date. When you earn a passing grade, it must be applied toward your license in the state of California within five years, or you will need to retake the exam(s).

Getting Your CSET Score

The availability of your CSET score depends on the format and subject of your exam. Most computer-delivered tests will show your raw score immediately after you finish the test and if you elect not to cancel your score. Your official scores are released anywhere from 20-45 days after you take your test, depending on when in the testing period you took the exam. These scores are delivered to you and whomever you chose to receive the results. For paper-based tests, such as the American Sign Language CSET exam, you can expect to get your test results about one month after the exam.

CSET Exam Prep

Before you take the CSET exams, you'll want to make sure you're fully prepared to answer the questions in your selected topic. Study.com offers flexible and fast online CSET test prep courses. You can choose from courses that cover individual subtests or the entire exam, depending on the topic. Study.com also offers CSET practice tests to test your knowledge and feel confident on test day.

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There are a number of tests that are part of the CSET test family. This article looks at different resources that can be used to study for CSET tests as well as useful test prep information.

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