What is GED Ready?

About GED Ready

GED Ready refers to practice tests designed to help individuals determine if they are ready to take their GED exams. The practice tests are offered in math, science, social studies and language arts.

In most states, GED Ready exams are optional, and you can choose to take just 1 test, only a few tests or all 4.

However, a handful of states do require individuals to take and pass the GED Ready exams at an approved adult education center prior to sitting for the actual tests. You should check your state's policies to see of GED Ready tests are among the prerequisites.

Benefits of Taking GED Ready

Even if you aren't required to take them, there are some advantages to using official practice tests produced by the professionals who created the GED exams. The practice tests help individuals:

  • Gain familiarity with the computer-based test system
  • Understand the question formats used on the official tests
  • Know what type of information they will be questioned about

The GED Ready practice test providers also assert that individuals who use their tests have higher success rates when taking their GED exams. Some additional benefits to taking this exam are outlined below.

Saving Money

It costs money to retake GED exams, so using GED Ready practice tests can save individuals both time and money by confirming whether or not they're ready to take their GED tests.

Fast Feedback

Individuals who take GED Ready practice tests will get their test scores back the same day. In fact, in as little as one hour it's possible to access an Enhanced Score Report. This report helps identify the areas where an individual didn't perform well on his or her exams.

Study Resources

A customized study plan is provided to all individuals who take the GED Ready practice tests as part of their Enhanced Score Report. Test takers can also choose from available resources to help shape their personalized study plan.

GED Ready Test Lengths

The GED Ready practice tests last from 35 to 90 minutes and are designed to be half the length of the regular GED exams for each subject. The social studies test is the shortest test at 35 minutes. It takes 47 minutes to complete the GED Ready science practice test. An hour is needed for the mathematics test, and an hour and a half are required to complete the GED Ready reasoning through language arts practice test.

Registering for GED Ready

Individuals who wish to take the GED Ready practice tests can register, pay for and schedule tests online (ged.com). GED Ready can also be accessed through a local adult education center or community college.

GED Ready Test Costs

The fee for each practice test is $6. This means that if you choose to take a GED Ready practice test for all 4 subjects it will cost $24. Some community college and adult education centers offer the tests for free.

How Practice Scores Compare to Regular Test Scores

Your results on GED Ready practice tests are an indication of your likely results on the official GED tests. If you score between 145 and 200 points on a test, for instance, it means you're likely to pass the real thing. Scores of 144 or below mean you will need to put in some extra preparation.

However, you may not only be concerned about passing your GED tests. You may also be focused on earning a score high enough for the College Ready or College Ready + Credit designation.

You must get 145 on each subject test to earn your GED. Scores of 165 or more will result in a GED College Ready designation. The GED College Ready + Credit designation is given to individuals who score 175 or more on their exams.

Studying for GED Tests

Before you take your GED Ready practice tests it is important to take advantage of study guides and resource materials that can help you prepare effectively. A number of useful links are provided here. Through these links you can access tips about studying for the GED tests. You can also cover material that's on each of the 4 GED exams and develop an effective study schedule or use these resources after your practice test to see if your study plan is paying off.

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GED stands for the General Educational Development tests. These exams are taken by individuals who did not earn a high school diploma and cover four main subject areas. The successful completion of these tests provides the same benefits as graduating high school. Read on to learn more.

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