What Is ILTS?


Overview of ILTS

ILTS (Illinois Licensure Testing System) exams and assessments measure a teaching candidate's basic academic skills, subject-specific knowledge and teaching abilities. ILTS assessments are required for all teachers beginning their careers in Illinois as well as for licensed teachers, administrators and specialists wishing to add endorsements. Testing requirements vary for out-of-state applicants; details may be found on the Illinois State Board of Education website (isbe.net).

ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency

Students enrolled in Illinois teacher preparation programs must take this basic skills test before completing their student teaching assignments, but only if they do not meet minimum ACT or SAT score requirements.

TAP Exam at a Glance:

  • The exam comprises four subtests: reading comprehension, mathematics, writing and language arts.
  • Tests may be taken throughout the year at official testing centers.
  • Students can take all four subtests during a five-hour testing session or take each subtest individually.
  • Subtests are administered on a computer and feature multiple-choice questions (for reading, math and language arts subtests) and constructed response questions (for the writing subtest).
  • For students preparing for the TAP's four subtests, Study.com offers a comprehensive ILTS Test of Academic Proficiency prep course that includes lessons and practice quizzes for all subjects covered on the exams.

ILTS Teacher Performance Assessment

The edTPA is required of all teachers applying for initial licensure. To fulfill this requirement, student teachers must submit a professional portfolio based on guidelines tailored to their individual teaching discipline. Materials, including video recordings of their work in the classroom, are scored by experienced teachers.

ILTS Content Area Tests

ILTS content area exams measure a teacher's subject knowledge, and are available in more than 40 different areas. New teachers must pass one of these exams, along with the edTPA and TAP tests, to qualify for licensure. Licensed teachers who would like to add endorsements for specific fields may also take content area tests to demonstrate their qualifications.

A new or current educator readying for a content area test can learn more about an exam, its content and question types through Study.com's ILTS prep courses:

This article provides you with information on how to register for ILTS exams. Additionally, learn how to prepare for your exams once you have registered and what types of online resources are available to you.

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