What is on the Accuplacer Math Test?


Content of the Accuplacer Math Tests

There are three Accuplacer Next-Generation tests that are used to evaluate a test-taker's mathematical skills. The content varies from test to test.

Next-Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions Test

The purpose of this test is to determine if test-takers are familiar with linear equations and their applications. Questions also ask students to factor and solve quadratic, radical, rational and polynomial equations. Trigonometry concepts are covered on the exam as well.

Next-Generation Arithmetic Test

This test is used to evaluate test-takers' familiarity with basic mathematical concepts and their ability to solve arithmetic problems. They must be able to work with both fractions and whole numbers and will also be tested on their ability to order and compare numbers and perform estimations.

Next-Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics Test

This test is used to determine if test-takers can work with rational numbers and exponents, solve algebraic expressions and graph linear equations. Students will also encounter problems dealing with geometry, probability sets, descriptive statistics and other mathematical concepts.

What Are the Testing Requirements?

The specific math tests that individuals may be required to take can vary from institution to institution. Some schools require incoming students without any college-level math course credits to take all three tests. The score requirements for placement into credit-bearing courses can also vary depending on the school and what type of major a student plans to pursue in postsecondary studies.

How to Prepare for Accuplacer Math Tests

There are some specific resources that individuals can use to help with the review process before taking Accuplacer mathematics tests.

Study Courses for Accuplacer Math Tests

To prepare for the Accuplacer mathematics tests it is a good idea to use study courses like the one listed here. This course is offered by a reputable educational company and has been created to take individuals through all of the material they will be tested on when they take this Accuplacer exam. Individuals can access the lessons online and work on reviewing material when it suits their schedule. The course also includes quizzes and a practice test to help individuals track their progress.

Practice Tests

The Accuplacer website has an app that allows individuals to take practice tests to prepare for the Next-Generation Accuplacer exams. They can choose between taking a complete practice test in one sitting or they can pick the ''learn as you go'' option and get feedback on each question once they've answered it.

Sample Questions

There are sample questions for the Next-Generation Accuplacer tests that can also be accessed on the Accuplacer website. Working through sample questions is a good way to familiarize yourself with the language used on the Accuplacer tests and the types of mathematical tasks that you will need to perform when you take your exam. The review materials contain 20 questions for the Advanced Algebra and Functions test, 20 questions covering the Arithmetic test and 20 sample questions for the Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra and Statistics test.

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