What is the AEPA Test?


Overview of the AEPA Exams

Arizona Educator Proficiency Examinations (AEPA) are a series of tests for individuals who wish to earn teaching certification in Arizona. Prospective teachers sit for different examinations depending upon what level and subject they wish to teach. All tests are computer-based and are available at Pearson test centers throughout Arizona and the rest of the United States.

Check out the different categories of AEPA exams below and click on the links to be taken directly to study guides for the professional knowledge and content exams. You can also find a comprehensive list of AEPA study guides and practice tests.

Test of Essential Academic Skills

The Essential Academic Skills test is not required for Arizona certification, but some teacher preparation programs may require students to complete this exam. It tests basic knowledge in three subject areas, and test-takers are required to pass all three subtests.

SubjectNumber of QuestionsLength of Time to Complete Exam
Reading 45 multiple-choice questions 1 hour
Writing 36 multiple-choice questions and one written question 1 hour 15 minutes
Mathematics 45 multiple-choice question 1 hour

Assessment of Professional Knowledge

The Assessment of Professional Knowledge exams are designed to measure the competencies of educators within the school environment. Candidates take one of three different exams, depending on the level at which they wish to teach.

APK Test Number of QuestionsTime Limit Examples of Content Tested
Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Early Childhood 100 multiple choice, 3 written assignments 3 hours 30 minutes Promoting child development, inclusive learning, family and community relationships
Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Elementary 100 multiple choice, 2 written assignments 3 hours Concepts of human development, uses of formal and informal assessment, developing relationships with other professionals
Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Secondary 100 multiple choice, 2 written assignments 3 hours Developmental challenges, integration of instruction and assessment, home-school communication techniques

Subject Knowledge Tests

In addition to the tests above, prospective teachers must pass subject knowledge tests in the specific content area they wish to teach. The number of questions required and amount of time allotted varies depending on what subject area is tested, and it's important to know the specifics concerning the test you plan to take. The table below details information for some subject knowledge tests.

Subject Knowledge Test Number of QuestionsTime Limit Examples of Content Tested
Economics 100 multiple choice 2 hours, 30 minutes Macroeconomics, microeconomics, consumer economics
Biology 150 multiple choice 3 hours Biochemistry, genetics, ecology
Elementary Education Subtest 1 75 multiple choice 90 minutesEnglish and language arts, social studies
Spanish 100 multiple choice, 1 writing, 1 speaking 3 hours Cultural understanding, interpretive reading
Physical Education 150 multiple choice 3 hours Growth and motor development, lifelong fitness
Middle Grades Mathematics 150 multiple choice 5 hours Algebra, statistics, number sense

Arizona and US Constitutions

A knowledge of the constitutions of the United States and of Arizona is required of prospective teachers. Some may have taken a college course to meet this requirement. Otherwise, applicants are required to take one further exam on this topic. The Constitutions of the United States and Arizona test has 100 multiple-choice questions, and candidates have 2 hours and 30 minutes in which to complete it.

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