What is the CEOE Test?


What Tests Are Included in the CEOE?

The Certification Exams for Oklahoma Educators, or CEOE exams, are a series of tests required for teacher certification within the state of Oklahoma. All prospective educators are required to take general and subject-specific examinations. The examinations are computer-based tests administered through Pearson VUE test centers. Read on for more information about each specific test.

Oklahoma General Education Test

The Oklahoma General Education Test, or OGET, is designed to assess core educational skills. The test consists of a range of questions designed to test teacher's knowledge of reading, writing, mathematics, and information literacy. The test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and one essay response. Candidates have four hours to complete the test. They are provided with the mathematical formulas and definitions required for the exam.

Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination

The Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination (OPTE), is in place in order to assess whether those who wish to become teachers have an acceptable entry-level knowledge of teaching practice. The test will consider a prospective teacher's understanding of three areas: learning and learners, instructional practice, and the professional environment. Two tests are offered, one for grades K-8 and the other for grades 6-12. Both tests consist of 75 multiple choice questions and three written assignments. Those who are taking the test have four hours in which to complete it.

Oklahoma Subject Area Tests

In addition to the OGET and OPTE tests which are required of all educators, those who are taking the CEOE must choose one or more subject-area tests. These examinations are designed to measure knowledge in a specific field in which the candidate will teach or practice. The specific content will vary by test. These tests are offered in around 54 specific subject areas, including:

  • Art
  • French
  • Chemistry
  • Mild-Moderate Disabilities
  • Physical Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • School Counselor
  • U.S. History
  • Business Education
  • Reading Specialist

How Will I Know if I Passed the CEOE?

For each test, you will receive a score report that states your passing status. Your score report will also include a thorough performance graph that will show how you performed on each area tested, as a way to self-assess your strengths and weaknesses. The scores will be sent to you, to the Oklahoma Office of Educational Quality and Accountability, and to the university teacher preparation program that you attended.

Will I Be Certified After Completing the CEOE?

Completing the CEOE is one step towards earning certification as a teacher in Oklahoma. Other requirements for traditional teacher certification include:

  • Graduation from an accredited teacher education preparation program
  • Completion of an application with the Oklahoma State Department of Education Teacher Certification
  • Filing of a clear state criminal history records search, and FBI national criminal history records search
  • Meeting any other requirements that may be established by the State Board of Education.

In addition to these traditional certification requirements, alternative pathways including the Oklahoma Alternative Placement Program and Troops to Teachers are also available, leading to teacher certification.

How Can I Prepare for the CEOE?

The state of Oklahoma offers practice tests on its CEOE website. For more practice, Study.com offers a range of engaging practice materials that will help you get ready for all of the different components of the CEOE. You can find study guides for the OGET and specific OSAT tests through Study.com's CEOE Course Directory. Study.com also has CEOE Practice Tests that can help you with self-assessment.

Individuals who are interested in learning about how the Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educator are scored can find scoring information for the OSAT, OGET, and OPTE exams in the article below.

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