What is the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE)?


What Is the FTCE?

The FTCE is actually a series of more than 40 assessments administered in Florida. These exams are taken by aspiring teachers and used to confirm that candidates have the necessary knowledge and skills to teach in the state.

Why Do I Need to Take These Tests?

The goal of these exams is to provide Florida's Bureau of Educator Certification with a quantifiable means of assessing prospective teachers' preparedness. Taking FTCE exams is a required step on the process to earning teacher certification in the state because it provides an accurate assessment of your skills and knowledge of relevant teaching topics.

What Tests Do I Need to Take?

If you wish to be a teacher in Florida, you'll need to take at least one of these exams, and usually more than one. Required exams are profiled below.

FTCE General Knowledge Test

The FTCE General Knowledge test assesses a prospective teacher's understanding of multiple topics through subtests in English language skills, math, reading, and essay writing. This test is commonly used as an admissions requirement for teaching programs at colleges throughout the state.

For more information on the content and structure of the exam, check out this FTCE General Knowledge Test: Study Guide & Prep course.

FTCE Professional Education Test

In addition to knowing the subject matter, teachers in Florida (and everywhere, for that matter) need to have a solid grasp of the professional side of being an instructor. Managing the classroom, connecting with students, and staying organized are all critical skills, which is where the professional education test comes into play. This test focuses on professional practices and contains 120 multiple-choice questions, which are divided among eight competencies, including teaching strategies, learning environment, and professional improvement.

This FTCE Professional Education Test: Practice & Study Guide contains a comprehensive review of essential test topics and is a great way to learn more about the test.

Subject Tests

In addition to the more general tests listed above, the FTCE series includes assessments that concentrate on specific school subjects. These 41 exams cover all of the major academic disciplines. Study guides for many of these exams can be found below:

How Can I Register?

To learn more about these assessments, start by looking at the FTCE's official website. The site is a valuable resource for all stages of the exam, from preparation to registration and completion.

First and foremost, candidates must use the site to register for their chosen exam. They can also choose their testing dates and locations.

Additionally, candidates can use the site as a study resource, as it contains further information on the specific subjects covered on each exam. By viewing the ''resource materials,'' students can look at the exact competencies and scoring rubrics for a given exam.

After taking the exam, candidates can also use the site to access their scores.

FTCE Test Registration Information

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) are a series of tests used to measure the qualifications of prospective teachers in this state. Learn about the registration process for these tests, applicable fees, and available study resources.

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