What is the MTLE Test?


About the MTLE Tests

If you reside in, or are planning to move to Minnesota and work as an education professional, chances are you will have to take several Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations, or MTLE tests. These tests, administered by Pearson and the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board, serve as a means of assessing a prospective licensee's skills, knowledge and competency in their desired field.

The MTLE tests cover these three general categories:

  • The Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills (EAS) Test As of August 30, 2016, this three-part exam replaces the MTLE Basic Skills test, a potential requirement for those seeking initial licensure. This is an assessment of one's knowledge of general reading, writing and mathematics skills.
  • MTLE Pedagogy Tests Most Minnesota license candidates must also pass the appropriate pedagogy examinations, which cover Early Childhood (birth to grade 3), Elementary (K-6) and Secondary (5-12) education. The exam(s) you need to take will depend on the grade levels you intend to teach.
  • MTLE Content Assessments These are specialized tests that assess your knowledge and skills in a specific subject area and/or grade level. These tests are for first-time licensees and current licensees seeking additional certification in another area.

Are the MTLE Tests Required?

In most cases, you will need to pass at least the appropriate MTLE pedagogy and content assessments to earn a license to teach in Minnesota. If you are a credentialed professional from another state, you may qualify for a Tier 2 license provided you meet certain conditions, or if you have already been offered a job by a Minnesota public school district. Minnesota educators who have a master's degree or are enrolled in a state-approved educator prep program may also apply for a Tier 2 license. This license is good for two years and may be renewed three times. Passing the MTLE pedagogy and content tests is optional in this case, but ultimately required if you are interested in a longer-term license.

If you are a first-time licensee, you may submit acceptable ACT (plus Writing), SAT, GRE or Praxis CORE scores in lieu of taking the Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills test:

ACT (plus Writing)

Combined Score Combined English/Writing or ELA
22 21

SAT (after March 1, 2016)

Reading / Writing Math
550 570

GRE (after August 11, 2011)

Verbal Reasoning Analytical Writing Quantitative Reasoning
150 3 145

Praxis CORE

Reading Writing Math
156 162 150

If you are not sure which MTLE tests you need to take, check with your educator's prep program advisor or on the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board official website at mn.gov/pelsb.

MTLE Testing, Scoring and Policies

The MTLE tests are computer-based and administered at Pearson testing centers all across the United States (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) and Canada. As such, registration for most MTLE tests will be open all year round, with scheduling handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If your MTLE consists of multiple subtests, you may register for each subtest individually or for multiple tests at a time, excepting the MTLE World Language and Culture tests; these consist of two subtests that must be registered and scheduled individually, due to restrictions on testing center locations and availability.

Registration for all MTLE tests is handled through the official MTLE website at mtle.nesinc.com. The MTLE website contains important information specific to each exam, such as test length and content breakdowns, passing cut-off scores and fees. It also contains general MTLE policies, accommodations resources and more. After creating an account on the website, you will be able to register and pay for the tests that you need, schedule your appointment and access your scores and test history. You may also use this website to find a testing center and check for seat availability before registering.

MTLE Study Resources

Going into your MTLEs fully prepared means getting a comprehensive review of test contents, plus plenty of practice until you've mastered the subject. On Study.com, our many MTLE Study Guides provide the resources that allow you to review the content you could find on the real MTLE exams, in a self-paced, success-oriented environment.

Our MTLE Practice & Prep courses cover everything you'll encounter on test day through quick and cool video lessons that you can watch again and again (full transcripts included). We offer prep courses in content areas like MTLE Mathematics, MTLE Social Studies and MTLE Communication Arts and Literature, for grade levels like MTLE Early Childhood Education and MTLE Elementary Education, and more!

MTLE Test Score Information

In this article, you can read about how the MTLE exams are scored, what a passing score is for these tests, and what type of information an MTLE score report provides.

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