What is the OAE Test?

The Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) Tests

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) uses the OAE exams to determine if individuals pursuing certification have demonstrated that they have the knowledge needed to pursue a role in their chosen specialty.

New teacher certification applicants must complete the appropriate OAE tests for their certification area. Teachers who are certified but wish to add subject areas or student groups to their qualifications must also pass the required OAE exams. Individuals pursuing roles as education professionals must also pass OAE tests. The professionals who must pass OAE tests include those seeking certification in these areas:

  • Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development
  • Educational Research
  • Pupil Services Administration
  • School-Community Relations

There are also certification requirements for those who wish to become school counselors, school psychologists and school principals.

What Tests Are Certification Applicants Required To Take?

Individuals pursuing certification may need to take anywhere from 1 to 3 OAE exams to earn their chosen certification. A complete list of requirements is available on the OAE website. The main test areas individuals are required to complete OAE exams in are explained here.

Foundations of Reading

Anyone who is pursuing certification to work with students in early or middle childhood or special needs programs, such as visually impaired, and hearing impaired, must pass the Foundations of Reading OAE test. This test is also required to earn certification as an early childhood intervention specialist and to be certified to work with gifted students.

Pedagogy Tests

Most individuals who are pursuing their teaching credentials are required to take an exam that shows that they have the skills needed to work effectively with students of a specific age group. Individuals can opt to pursue certification to work with students in grades 7 to 12, grades 4 through 9 or they can certify to work with early childhood students in pre-kindergarten through to grade 3. There are also some certification areas, such as music and health, that require individuals to pass a pedagogy test to work with students of all age groups from pre-kindergarten through to grade 12.

Content Area Tests

Content area tests cover the academic material that is taught to students of a particular age group or in a specific subject area. For example, individuals pursuing certification to work with students in early childhood grades (pre-kindergarten to grade 3) are required to take the Early Childhood Education content assessment. Those who wish to teach subjects such as biology or mathematics must take the content assessment in that subject area.

OAE Test Resources

Since each person's schedule may vary widely, self-paced review courses are an ideal way to approach studying for OAE exams. Study.com's OAE Practice & Study Guide Courses are self-paced and were created to help individuals pursuing certification to do a complete review of the information that is covered on the OAE tests they need to take. Examples of the numerous courses available include the following:

This article looks at the scoring system used for OAE tests, how and when individuals receive their test results as well as how those who fail an OAE test can use score reports to improve their performance.

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