What's in Common Core Standards Appendix C?

Instructor: Carrie Soucy
Learn about the writing samples included in Appendix C of the Common Core English Language Arts Standards. Find out how teachers can use these and other resources to help their students develop the composition skills outlined by the Common Core.

Appendix C: Student Writing Samples

Appendix C of the Common Core ELA Standards comprises nearly three dozen writing samples from primary and secondary school students across the country. The appendix is designed to show teachers and parents what student mastery of Common Core writing standards might look like. The writing samples include in-class assignments, research projects and homework. Each example also incorporates notes explaining how it meets Common Core writing standards.

About the Common Core Writing Standards

Common Core writing standards stipulate that students master the following genres during their primary and secondary education:

  • Argumentative essays
  • Informative/explanatory texts
  • Narratives

For students in kindergarten through grade 5, writing standards focus on developing their ability to create opinion pieces, tell a brief story and describe a basic sequence of events. Writing standards for grades 6-12 help students build on these skills so they'll be able to effectively organize and support their written arguments as well as analyze and critique texts covering history, science, social studies and technical subjects. According to the Common Core initiative, these skills will best prepare students for postsecondary education or employment.

Common Core Writing Resources for Educators

Appendix C provides teachers with a practical snapshot of the Common Core's expectations for student writing skills at each grade level. After reviewing the appendix, educators can take advantage of other resources designed to assist them in implementing Common Core Standards for writing. Several online courses, for example, offer lessons, quizzes and instructional videos to supplement writing-focused Common Core instruction: