Where Are CLEP Exam Locations?


Finding CLEP Test Centers

If you're planning on testing within the United States, the CLEP page on the College Board website allows you to input your zip code or state and city to find the nearest testing facility. Alternatively, you can enter a particular institution's name to find out if CLEP tests are offered at this location.

International Test Centers

If you plan on taking a CLEP exam outside of the United States, you can also find international testing centers on the College Board website. Selecting your nation from a drop-down menu will provide you with a list of available testing locations.

Types of Testing Facilities

Your test center search results will likely include different types of CLEP exam facilities, some of which limit admission or waive administrative fees for eligible test takers. Take a look at this list to see the differences, and determine whether you will be permitted to test at your nearest exam location:

  • Open: An open facility welcomes anyone, just as the name implies. As long as you pay the registration fee, you can take an exam here.
  • Limited: A limited test center is restricted to students, faculty and employees of a specific institution. Basically, you must be already affiliated with a campus to take a CLEP exam at this type of location.
  • On-Base: Any civilian or member of the military who has clearance to be on this type of site is also granted permission to take a test here. Moreover, DANTES will take care of testing as well as administrative fees for individuals who are eligible to test at these locations.
  • Fully Funded: Test centers falling under this category also waive administrative fees for individuals who receive DANTES funding.

Registering for a CLEP Exam

Once you've discovered which testing centers are in your area, you can create an online account to register and pay for a CLEP exam. However, you must contact your desired testing center to schedule a testing appointment.

CLEP Test-Prep Resources

When you're ready to begin studying, you might consider using some of the resources on Study.com to review key terms and concepts in your subject area or find out what's covered on your test. Each course contains short video lessons and self-checking quizzes designed to help you earn a passing score on your CLEP test. Courses include:

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