Where Can I Take the HESI A2 Nursing Exam?


Places to Take the HESI A2 Exams

Individuals who need to take the Health Education Systems, Inc. Admissions Assessment (HESI A2) tests have two main options for where they can take them:

  • Postsecondary institutions that require the tests as part of the application process may host the exams on site
  • Prometric testing sites also offer this test at locations throughout the United States

Registering to Take the HESI A2 at a College or University

Individuals must check with the school where they will take the test to confirm its registration process. Colleges may ask students to call the testing center to set up an appointment or use an online registration system that allows individuals to schedule and pay for the test through its website. Students must also create an Evolve account on the Elsevier website. Test fees vary, so you'll want to check with your school to obtain that info.

Registering to Take the HESI A2 at a Prometric Site

Students who plan to take the HESI A2 at a Prometric site must first create an Evolve account on the Elsevier site and submit a registration to take a distance exam. Individuals should also check with their college or university's testing protocols as well in case they have specific directions that need to be followed to set up distance testing. Once the request is approved the individual will receive a confirmation that directs them to book their test time. It's normal for it to take up to three business days to process these requests.

Time Limits

Each of the eight academic portions of the test has suggested administration times that schools and the Prometric sites can use to determine time limits for the exam. It should be noted that not all schools require all eight academic portions, so time limits will vary by school. Suggested times for each portion are as follows:

Test Portion Time
Reading Comprehension 60 minutes
Vocabulary 50 minutes
Grammar 50 minutes
Math Basics 50 minutes
Biology 25 minutes
Chemistry 25 minutes
Anatomy and Physiology 25 minutes

It is important to check with your selected school to see which sections of the exam are required and also with the location where you will take the tests to determine how much time you will receive to complete the exams.

Arrival on Test Day

Prometric sites request that all individuals taking the HESI A2 at one of their locations be present no less than 30 minutes before their examinations are scheduled to begin. School testing sites may also ask students to be present at least half an hour before their testing time.

What to Bring on Test Day

Individuals are expected to be able to show a valid form of government identification that has their picture on it when they check in for the HESI A2. When registering, test-takers should ensure that their personal information matches what is on their ID. Some schools may require individuals provide two pieces of photo ID.

Some schools recommend individuals bring sharpened No. 2 pencils with them. Test-takers are not allowed to bring other items, such as calculators, into the test site.

HESI A2 Test Preparation Resources

There are 109 lessons that make up the HESI Admission Assessment Exam Course.. Individuals who take this course can be confident that they will have reviewed all of the relevant material for the HESI A2 exam. They can take advantage of the ability to schedule study time in at their convenience because the course allows individuals to work at their own pace.

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Designed by Elsevier Student Life, HESI exams are used to screen applicants to allied health care programs, chart their course progress, and help them prepare for certification examinations, such as the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).

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