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Use our quantitative analysis video lessons to study the decision-making tools and models used by managers at every stage of product development and distribution. Take advantage of these self-paced courses to enhance your professional credentials or stand out in your college business classes.

How It Works

  • Choose a quantitative analysis course: Our college quantitative analysis courses can help you study topics ranging from simulation and inventory accounting to queuing theory and linear programming models.
  • Watch entertaining video lessons: An engaging instructional style and plenty of visual illustrations can help you make sense of even the most complicated decision-making tools and models.
  • Take practice quizzes and tests: See how many of the business concepts and vocabulary terms you're absorbing. Lesson quizzes, chapter tests and a practice final exam are included with every course.
  • Get help from our experienced instructors: Post a question for our quantitative analysis instructors if you get stuck on any of the material.

Who Our Courses Are For

  • Students who want to get ahead in their business courses
  • Students who'd benefit from a self-paced course format
  • Students who need extra help understanding these course topics
  • Teachers looking for resources to help teach quantitative analysis

Why Our Courses Work

  • Find a variety of instructional materials: Each lesson includes an instructional video in addition to transcripts that make the material easy to scan. You can also click on links to supplementary text lessons if you need to review important business terminology.
  • Study what you want: Whether you're already familiar with project planning stages or could use a little extra instruction on the uses of sensitivity analyses, our self-paced course format allows you to spend as much time studying each lesson topic as you want.
  • Access our entire video library: You'll find additional courses on topics as diverse as information systems, music, philosophy, physics and American government. You can access them all with just one subscription.

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