Negotiation Courses

By way of negotiation, an argument can be a win-win situation. Through our video lessons, you can learn about such topics as negotiation tactics, brinksmanship and learn how negotiations apply in business and national and international affairs.

How It Works

  • Choose a course: Courses are offered in the definition of negotiations, treaties and peace accords, as well as communication and negotiations in conflict resolution in various arenas.
  • Watch fun and engaging videos: The short videos in our study guides present concepts in a fun and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Test yourself with practice quizzes and exams: The practice quizzes that are presented with each lesson give you a chance to test yourself in preparation for your tests.
  • Get help from our expert instructors: Our instructors can provide answers to any questions you might have.

Who Are Our Courses For?

  • Individuals seeking to learn how to settle a legal dispute
  • Students who want to learn the five steps of the negotiation process
  • People who want to learn how negotiations help settle past international face-offs
  • Individuals who want to understand how to negotiate between your perceived self and your actual self
  • Those who want to learn about the concept of bargaining

Why Our Courses Work

  • Take your time: Negotiations can be a lengthy process. Our lessons allow you to take all the time you need to understand the concept of negotiation, as it pertains to your situation.
  • Repeat yourself: Negotiable points often need to be repeated. You can watch our lessons over and over until you're comfortable that you have a firm grasp of the subject matter.
  • Theory translates easily to reality: Because the negotiation examples used in our lessons are taken from real-life situations, it's easy for you to see how they parallel your circumstances and how you can effectively apply the theories.
  • Practice makes perfect: The practice quizzes act as safety valves that monitor the progress of your understanding.

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