Small Business Courses

We have courses that cover the overall aspects of a small business, how to manage and finance a small business, and the part played by a small business in a national and global economy. Our short video lessons are a great way to enhance your understanding of small businesses.

How It Works

  • Choose a course: Select the small business course that best meets your needs.
  • Watch fun and engaging videos: All lessons contain concise, easy-to-understand videos that are geared to further your education in your selected field.
  • Test yourself with practice quizzes and exams: By way of practice quizzes that accompany each lesson, you can keep an eye on the quality of your progress through the material as it is presented.
  • Get help from our expert instructors: Qualified, expert instructors are available to answer any questions you might have about the material.

Who Are Our Courses For?

  • Students who want to learn about small business topics through fun multimedia lessons
  • Individuals who are interested in learning about the potential pitfalls of operating a small business
  • People interested in learning how to approach a bank when seeking to finance a small business

Why Our Courses Work

  • Our courses are mobile: Because we're accessible through your computer, tablet or phone, you can pursue our courses whenever and more importantly, wherever you wish.
  • You can monitor your progress: As you move through the lessons, the practice quizzes let you see the areas where you might need more emphasis.
  • You decide your intensity: You have the freedom to view lessons over and over, until you're satisfied that you're ready to move forward.
  • Our lessons are practical: Our lessons are presented in such a way that you can immediately apply what you've learned to your real-life situation.

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