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Our fun and engaging courses can help you sharpen your architecture expertise. Check out our video lessons on Gothic architecture, Byzantine architecture and more to find the right training for your educational goals.

How It Works

  • Select a course: Our library of architecture courses can help you prepare for exams, earn college credit and review key architecture concepts, such as vaulting and flying buttresses.
  • Watch fun and engaging videos: Our short video lessons are the quickest, easiest way to explore the fundamentals of architecture.
  • Test your skills with practice quizzes and exams: Each lesson concludes with a quiz, so you can see exactly what you've learned.
  • Get help from our expert instructors: Our architecture instructors are some of the best in the world, and they're here to help you succeed.

Who Our Courses Are For

  • Students who prefer web-based multimedia learning over dry textbooks
  • Students preparing for architecture exams
  • Teachers who want to supplement traditional classroom learning
  • Students seeking a flexible tutoring option that works with their schedules
  • Students who want to supplement a traditional college education

Why Our Courses Work

  • Study at your own pace: Our courses put you in the driver's seat. Learn when it's convenient for you, any time and anywhere.
  • Lessons rooted in the real world: Our instructors build lessons with real-world examples and concepts. We give you knowledge you can apply in everyday situations, not just abstract ideas confined to the classroom.
  • Track your progress: Your personal dashboard shows what you've learned so far and what lessons you still need to tackle in a simple, easy-to-read format.
  • Get full access: Your subscription goes beyond architecture. Chances are, if you're interested in related fields like history, art, geography or even library science, we've got you covered - all for the price of a single subscription.

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