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Explore art history with our fun and engaging courses on ancient Egyptian art, prehistoric art and more! Immerse yourself in easy-to-understand video lessons whenever it fits your schedule. Our expert instructors are here to help you meet your academic goals.

How It Works

  • Pick a course: Our art history courses cover topics ranging from illuminated manuscripts and the works of Raphael to Assyrian and Minoan art.
  • Watch fun and engaging video lessons: Our video lessons bring the essential concepts of art history to life with straightforward instruction and real-world examples.
  • Test your skills with practice quizzes and exams: Each video lesson includes a short quiz so you can see what you've learned. Re-take quizzes until you're comfortable with the material.
  • Get help from our expert instructors: Our art history instructors are experts in the field, and they're here to answer your questions.

Who Our Courses Are For

  • College students who want to refresh their art history knowledge
  • Any student preparing for art history exams
  • Teachers seeking alternative instructional materials for art history classes
  • Lifelong learners on flexible schedules

Why Our Courses Work

  • Study around your schedule: Our courses can be tailored to meet your needs. Watch video lessons at any hour of the day on the device of your choice. Watch them on the bus or even while you're out for a run.
  • Track your progress: Your personal dashboard helps you see which lessons you've completed and which ones you still need to watch.
  • Lessons designed for the real world: Our instructors provide real-world examples to help you learn and retain essential art history knowledge.
  • Unlimited access: Your subscription goes beyond just art history courses. Are you interested in psychology, Earth science or even music theory? Our library is loaded with great video lessons taught by expert instructors in just about any field.

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