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Get some help exploring your college and career options with our collection of lifestyle courses. Entertaining video lessons are taught by experienced instructors who can encourage you to take on even the most daunting academic decisions or career steps.

How It Works

  • Select a course: Find courses designed to help you explore your academic options, make the most of your time in college and chart your career path.
  • Watch fun video lessons: Short and entertaining video lessons can give you some perspective on lifestyle decisions, big and small.
  • Take practice quizzes and tests: Multiple-choice quizzes and practice final exams are available if you feel the need to check your understanding of course material. They can also be used to track your progress.
  • Ask our experienced instructors for help: Our instructors are happy to answer questions about topics covered in your lifestyle courses.

Who Our Courses Are For

  • High school students considering their options after graduation
  • College students trying to make academic decisions
  • Individuals looking for career counseling resources

Why Our Courses Work

  • Flexible learning formats: Our modular course format allows you to determine the frequency and duration of your study time. You can also view materials on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Expert instruction: Experienced instructors provide you with information you could use to make well-informed lifestyle and career decisions.
  • Access to additional courses: You can also use your subscription to explore other areas of interest, prepare for exams or earn a certificate of completion.

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