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Check out our vast library of online video lessons and learning resources designed to teach you about personal finance. You can take practice quizzes on personal finance topics as well as reach out to our expert instructors if you have any questions.

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  • Choose a course: We have thousands of video lessons to choose from. Find a personal finance course and learn about such topics as budgeting, debt control and investing.
  • Watch engaging video lessons: Our instructors make learning simple and fun. What's more, all of our video lessons are less than 10 minutes long, so you're never overwhelmed with content.
  • Quiz yourself with practice assessments: As you proceed through your course, see how you're doing. You can take a quiz at the end of each lesson as well as take a final practice exam at the end of your course.
  • Get help from experienced instructors: Have a question after you've completed a lesson? All of our instructors are available for additional help if you need them.

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  • Individuals looking for personal finance help
  • Students looking for an alternative to a personal finance class
  • Teachers looking for resources to teach personal finance
  • Students interested in self-paced online learning

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  • Available any time, from any where: Sign in day or night, from your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Track your progress: Log in to your personal dashboard to keep track of your learning. Our system lets you know what content you've covered, so you can pick up right where you left off.
  • Knowledgeable instructors providing practical lessons: Most of our instructors have master's or doctoral degrees in their respective fields. Their lessons include real-world scenarios, making it easier to retain what you learn.
  • Ongoing learning: Your low monthly subscription allows you access to all of our content. Learn about related personal development topics or study other subjects that might interest you.

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