Civics Courses

Find a study guide in civics to help you improve your grades or learn a new subject. Our fun and engaging Social Studies course offers civics as part of the curriculum, with interesting video lessons and practice quizzes.

How it Works

  • Choose a course: Our self-paced courses provide comprehensive lessons covering an array of social studies topics featuring civics concepts.
  • Watch fun and interesting video lessons: Each study guide contains a short video lesson that presents concepts in the context of historical events.
  • Test your knowledge with practice quizzes and chapter exams: Put your knowledge to the test after each short lesson, with quizzes that reinforce the concepts taught in the lesson.
  • Get help from our expert instructors: Our expert instructors are here to answer any questions you might have during the lesson.

Who Are Our Courses For?

  • Students who need tutoring in civics concepts
  • Anyone who wants to improve his or her understanding of civics concepts
  • Students who want to test out of general education courses
  • Students preparing for civics exams

Why Our Courses Work

  • Practice quizzes and exams: Lesson concepts are reinforced with practice quizzes at the end of each lesson and an exam at the end of the chapter.
  • Watch lessons as often as you need: There is no limit to the number of times you can watch a lesson or take a course, so you can review civics concepts until you are sure you've mastered them.
  • Take any course you want: With your subscription, you can access any course offered in our catalog, so you can explore new subjects or take more advanced courses.
  • Study at your own pace: You can view one lesson or twenty lessons a day. Each lesson is short, roughly eight minutes, so you can learn on your break at work or spend all day studying.
  • Study wherever you want: With your Smartphone, tablet or computer, as long as you have Internet access, you can take a class.

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