Ch 5: 10th Grade English: Literary Text Analysis

About This Chapter

These lessons to help students learn, in a series of easy steps, how to analyze literary passages. Whether it's for test preparation, gaining credits, remedial instruction or to help with homework assignments, this chapter can help.

10th Grade English: Literary Text Analysis - Chapter Summary

By studying the material in these short lessons, students can learn how to break down a literary work or passage and by doing so, get the most out of it. Our instructors teach the important aspects of plot, characterization, theme, voice, style and much more. The lessons are quick, between five and ten minutes long. Each comes with a self-assessment quiz, and a test at the end of the chapter helps students to track their overall progress. Readily available via any Internet-capable device, these lessons fit easily into any schedule. Upon completion of the chapter, students should be able to:

  • Conduct analyses of plot, characterization, voice and theme
  • Identify the setting of a story
  • Understand what structure means in literature and cite examples
  • Describe the types of narrators in literature and define each one
  • Explain style, describe the use of dialect, and identify figures of speech
  • Discuss and examine the origins of modern fiction, including myths, religious works, and more

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