Ch 6: 3rd Grade Math: Arithmetic With Money

About This Chapter

Demonstrate how to perform arithmetic with money for your 3rd grade students by opening this chapter. Young learners who want to do better in school can follow along with these lessons to improve their understanding of solving math problems, identifying terms, and plugging numbers into formulas.

3rd Grade Math: Arithmetic With Money - Chapter Summary

Give your 3rd grader the extra help he or she needs with this extensive chapter about arithmetic with money. Help them learn more about solving problems with money amounts and what mathematical operations can be used to determine what coin is missing. Young learners tend to do better with shorter lessons, so we strive to create comprehensive lessons that can each be completed in 5-10 minutes. Likewise, the shorter lessons may help your students retain more information, which can translate into better performance on tests and homework assignments.

Chapter Topics

  • Writing different amounts of money
  • Identifying the missing coin
  • Making correct change from purchases
  • Subtracting and adding amounts of money
  • Multiplying money by decimals and whole numbers
  • Dividing amounts of money
  • Making estimations

7 Lessons in Chapter 6: 3rd Grade Math: Arithmetic With Money
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How to Write Amounts of Money: Lesson for Kids

1. How to Write Amounts of Money: Lesson for Kids

We use money every day, so it's important to understand how to communicate about money. In this lesson, you will learn different ways to write different amounts of money.

How to Find the Missing Coin

2. How to Find the Missing Coin

Watch this video lesson to learn how you can solve missing coin problems. Learn what mathematical operations you should use to figure out what kind of coin you are missing.

Making Change from a Purchase

3. Making Change from a Purchase

Watch this video lesson to learn the process of making change so you give your customers the least number of bills and coins as possible. See how you need to work your way from the largest bill or coin to the smallest.

Adding & Subtracting Money Amounts

4. Adding & Subtracting Money Amounts

Some people say money makes the world go around, but as this lesson demonstrates, money gets added and subtracted, just like anything else. Using the example of an allowance, we'll see how adding and subtracting money is really quite simple.

Multiplying Money by Whole Numbers & Decimals

5. Multiplying Money by Whole Numbers & Decimals

Want to find out how much you and your friends can spend on a party if you all have the same amount of money? Or maybe you'd want to buy investments one day in hopes of being rich! In either event, you'll need to know how to multiply money.

Dividing Money Amounts

6. Dividing Money Amounts

I'll be honest, dividing money is normally not as fun as multiplying money. After all, it's hard to let your hard-earned cash get reduced so quickly! However, this lesson shows how dividing money can help make sure you get the best deal on cookies and avoid getting ripped off.

Estimation: Lesson for Kids

7. Estimation: Lesson for Kids

Estimation is a useful tool for finding approximate answers to math equations. In this lesson, you can learn the rules for estimation and practice estimating money.

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