Ch 13: 4th Grade Science: Weather & Climate

About This Chapter

Help make the topics of weather and climate, plus the related study of tornadoes, lightning and hurricanes, appealing to your 4th grader with this chapter. You can use these lessons and quizzes to help your student prepare for an upcoming class exam or work through a tough homework assignment.

4th Grade Science: Weather & Climate - Chapter Summary

This chapter covers climate, weather and the other science subjects that your 4th grader has been learning in class, including weather maps, weather fronts and climate. Use the lesson quizzes and chapter test as a way to tell how well your student comprehends this science material. The chapter is accessible to study on a computer, tablet or mobile device at any time. Our instructors are available to help your 4th grader if he or she needs additional assistance.

Chapter Topics

  • Define what weather is
  • Provide some facts about climate
  • Explain what weather forecasting is and what weather maps do
  • Describe weather fronts, tornadoes and hurricanes
  • Present information about lightning and thunderstorms

Who It's For

Kids who need extra help with science topics will benefit from the lessons in this chapter. There's no faster or easier way to learn about weather and climate.

  • Students who have fallen behind in understanding science subjects
  • Students who have learning disabilities or need a little extra help learning about weather and climate
  • Students who prefer multiple ways of learning science (visual or auditory)
  • Students who have missed class and need to catch up
  • Students who need an efficient and convenient way to learn about climate and the weather
  • Students who struggle to understand their science teachers
  • Students who attend schools without extra science resources

How It Works

  • Find lessons in the chapter that cover the climate and weather topics your student needs to learn or review.
  • Press play to watch the video lesson with your student or read through the text lesson.
  • Review the lesson or video transcripts, emphasizing the highlighted vocab words to reinforce learning about the weather.
  • Test your student's understanding of each lesson with short quizzes.
  • Verify your student understands climate and the weather by completing the 4th Grade Science: Weather & Climate exam.

9 Lessons in Chapter 13: 4th Grade Science: Weather & Climate
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What is Weather? - Lesson for Kids

1. What is Weather? - Lesson for Kids

Look out the window. Is it raining? Is it sunny? Is it hot or cold? The answers to these questions tell you what the weather outside at that moment in time. This lesson will explain what weather is and what causes it.

Climate Lesson for Kids: Definition & Facts

2. Climate Lesson for Kids: Definition & Facts

The Amazon rainforest. The Sahara Desert. The Arctic Circle. All of these locations are part of our world, but their climates are drastically different. In this lesson, you will learn the definition of climate and the different climate zones in our world.

Weather Forecasting: Lesson for Kids

3. Weather Forecasting: Lesson for Kids

Have you ever headed outside on a sunny day, only to be caught in a rainstorm later that afternoon? Weather forecasting helps us dress and prepare for different types of weather. In this lesson, you'll be introduced to the basics of weather forecasting.

Weather Maps Lesson for Kids

4. Weather Maps Lesson for Kids

Understanding how to use weather maps can help you plan for your day and week. This lesson describes what weather maps are, why they are important, and how to read them. We'll also explore different types of weather maps.

Weather Fronts Lesson for Kids

5. Weather Fronts Lesson for Kids

When air masses meet, they create weather fronts. The air masses typically have different temperatures and densities so their impact on weather depends on the type of front created.

Tornadoes Lesson for Kids

6. Tornadoes Lesson for Kids

Twister! Have you ever wondered where tornadoes come from or why they can cause so much damage? In this lesson, you'll learn all about these powerful storms.

Hurricanes Lesson for Kids

7. Hurricanes Lesson for Kids

Hurricanes are big and powerful storms with swirling winds. They form over warm ocean water. Learn how hurricanes form, why they spin, and how they use warm water found in tropical oceans for energy.

Thunderstorms Lesson for Kids

8. Thunderstorms Lesson for Kids

The wind starts to pick up and the sky grows dark with clouds. All of a sudden you see a bright flash and hear a loud rumble. If you're not already, it's a good time to get inside! Find out how a thunderstorm forms, where and when they occur most, and how to protect yourself if you're caught in one.

Lightning Facts: Lesson for Kids

9. Lightning Facts: Lesson for Kids

Lightning is a common sight with strong thunderstorms. This lesson will teach you about lightning, how it forms, why it's dangerous, some common kinds of lightning, and some other cool facts about it.

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