Ch 16: 5th Grade Math: Angles

About This Chapter

The video lessons in the Angles chapter were designed to teach your 5th grade students how to identify and work with various angles in mathematics. The lessons teach the definitions of angles, and students can learn how to properly measure them. Multiple-choice lesson quizzes are included in this chapter.

5th Grade Math: Angles - Chapter Summary

While studying the Angles chapter, your students will discover the factors that make angles acute, right, adjacent or obtuse. The video lessons also teach the characteristics of straight angles and provide students with opportunities to use protractors. Make sure your students understand angles by administering the chapter examination.

Chapter Lessons and Objectives

Lesson Objective
What is an Acute Angle? - Definition, Description and Examples This lesson explains what acute angles are and provides examples of them.
What is an Obtuse Angle? - Definition and Examples Students learn the differences between right angles and obtuse angles.
What is a Right Angle? - Definition, Formula and Quiz Instructors teach students about the special notation of right angles.
Identifying Straight Angles Students are taught to recognize straight angles.
Angles of 90, 180, 270 and 360 Degrees In this lesson, students learn to measure angles of various degrees.
How to Measure Angles with a Protractor Teachers provide instruction in the use of a protractor.
Working with Adjacent Angles Students learn the rules for comparing and measuring adjacent angles.

Chapter Practice Exam
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Practice Final Exam
Test your knowledge of the entire course with a 50 question practice final exam.
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