Ch 6: 5th Grade Math: Ratios & Percentages

About This Chapter

Help your fifth grade students master ratios and percentages using the lessons in this chapter. These video and text lessons are helpful as classroom study aids and for homework and test prep, or they can used be to enhance your students' interest in math.

5th Grade Math: Ratios & Percentages - Chapter Summary

Use the lessons in this chapter to help your students gain proficiency in working with percentages and ratios. This chapter includes information on the definition of percents, rates and ratios, and it provides examples of each. You will find video and text lessons that can help you teach your fifth graders what scale drawings are and how to read them. Lessons also review the steps to solve problems involving speed, distance and time.

This comprehensive and well-organized study guide is designed to give you and your students the maximum information in a short amount of time. The lessons are brief, yet engaging, kid friendly and fun to watch, so your students are never bored or frustrated. The readily-accessible online platform allows your students to study from any device that offers access to the Internet, while the lesson quizzes and chapter test allow you to check your students' comprehension and retention of the material.

Chapter Topics

  • Defining and giving examples of proportions, rates and ratios
  • Reading and understanding scale drawings
  • Working practice problems using time, distance and average speed
  • Recognizing examples and definitions of percents
  • Solving problems using percents
  • Comparing fractions, decimals and percentages and finding equivalences

7 Lessons in Chapter 6: 5th Grade Math: Ratios & Percentages
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Ratios and Proportions: Definition and Examples

1. Ratios and Proportions: Definition and Examples

Proportions are ratios, or value comparisons, that are equal to one another. Learn more about proportions and ratios, how to use them, and real world examples.

How to Read and Interpret Scale Drawings

2. How to Read and Interpret Scale Drawings

A scale drawing depicts an actual object with its size reduced or enlarged proportionately according to a scaled amount. Learn how to read and interpret scale drawings. Explore legends, reading a map, and reading a model drawing to understand how to use scale drawings to understand objects that are difficult to comprehend in their actual size.

Ratios & Rates: Definitions & Examples

3. Ratios & Rates: Definitions & Examples

In mathematics, a ratio indicates the number of times that a smaller number is contained within a larger number, while a rate expresses a ratio for two quantities measured in different units. Explore the definitions and examples of ratios and rates, learn how to compare them, and solve practice problems.

Distance, Time & Average Speed: Practice Problems

4. Distance, Time & Average Speed: Practice Problems

After watching this video, you will be able to explain what distance is, explain how it relates to change in position, and calculate the average speed in various situations. A short quiz will follow.

What is a Percent? - Definition & Examples

5. What is a Percent? - Definition & Examples

In mathematics, a percent refers to each part of something, such as test scores, divided into 100 units. Explore the definition of percent and understand what it means by reviewing examples, writing percentages using three methods, and examining uses for percentages.

Solve Problems Using Percents

6. Solve Problems Using Percents

In mathematics, a percent represents an amount of something, such as humidity in the air, divided into 100 units. Learn about percents, including the shortcuts for changing word problems with percents into math problems. Gain understanding of percents by solving straightforward math problems, as well as more complex word problems that include percents.

Common Equivalences Between Percentages, Fractions & Decimals: Lesson for Kids

7. Common Equivalences Between Percentages, Fractions & Decimals: Lesson for Kids

In this lesson you'll learn how how to express the same number as a decimal, fraction or percentage. You'll also learn the rules for converting a number into one of the other two forms.

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