Ch 28: 6th-8th Grade Algebra: Linear Equations

About This Chapter

The video lessons in this chapter are intended to help 6th-8th graders understand linear equations. Each lesson is followed by a brief quiz and the chapter concludes with an exam to assess their comprehension.

6th-8th Grade Algebra: Linear Equations - Chapter Summary

This chapter on linear equations is a great tool to help middle school students learn their classroom algebra lessons. Each video lesson is intended to be a brief and fun way for this age group to reinforce concepts like constructing graphs based on linear equations as well as undefined and zero slope and interpreting a graph to formulate a mathematical rule. Subject matter experts are a click away to help answer any questions. Check out the lesson quizzes and chapter exam to assess comprehension.

Chapter Lessons and Objectives

Lesson Objective
What is a Linear Equation? Recognize and utilize linear equations to solve simple algebra problems.
Linear Equations: Intercepts, Standard Form and Graphing Construct graphs based on linear equations.
Abstract Algebraic Examples and Going from a Graph to a Rule Formulate a mathematical rule by interpreting a graph demonstrating an algebraic relationship.
Graphing Undefined Slope, Zero Slope and More Graph abstract concepts such as undefined and zero slope.
How to Write a Linear Equation Demonstrate construction of a linear equation.

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