Ch 14: 6th-8th Grade Math: Introduction to Decimals

About This Chapter

This chapter, 6th-8th Grade Math: Introduction to Decimals, utilizes a series of video lessons taught by expert instructors to teach students how to understand decimals. Following the video lessons, your students will have the opportunity to reinforce what they learned with lesson quizzes and worksheets.

6th-8th Grade Math: Introduction to Decimals

The video lessons in this chapter on 6th through 8th grade mathematics will teach your students how decimals are used in math, the components of numbers in decimal form and scientific notation, as well as how to read and write decimals. Each lesson is less than 10 minutes long and taught by expert instructors. These lessons also include worksheets with practice activities and quizzes that help students retain the information taught.

Chapter Lessons and Objectives

Lesson Objective
Working with Decimals Instructors show how decimals are used in math, what zeros behind the decimal represent, how to compare decimals and more.
What is a Decimal Place Value? This lesson teaches students the place values.
Using Word Names for Decimal Numbers Instructors show how to write decimal numbers in words.
Comparing and Ordering Decimals This lesson teaches students how to compare and order decimal numbers.

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