Ch 51: 6th-8th Grade Math: Money

About This Chapter

The short and engaging video lessons in this chapter on money teach 6th-8th grade students about calculating different amounts of coins. The lesson quizzes and the chapter exam can be used to ensure students grasp these concepts.

6th-8th Grade Math: Money - Chapter Summary

Make use of the video lessons provided for this chapter to help your middle school students gain a better understanding of counting coin money. These entertaining and easy-to-follow videos discuss the most commonly used coins and show how each coin has a different value. Additionally, the videos explain how to count coins, how to combine coins to make different values, and how to divide coins evenly. You can check your students' level of comprehension by having them complete the multiple-choice lesson quizzes. Chapter exams are also available to make sure students are retaining what they've learned.

Lesson Objective
Coins: Number Value & Letter Name Point out each of the common 4 coins, determine each coin's value amount, and be able to link each coin to its letter name.
How to Find the Missing Coin Calculate which coin is not included by determining how much is missing from the total amount.
Adding & Subtracting Money Amounts Identify strategies for figuring out amounts by adding or subtracting money, create examples, and design one sample word problem.
Multiplying Money by Whole Numbers & Decimals Go through the steps to multiply amounts of money by decimals or whole numbers, and then design sample problems, including a word problem.
Dividing Money Amounts Point out the techniques for dividing money amounts, write out a division word problem, and produce other example problems.

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