Ch 49: 6th-8th Grade Math: Statistics

About This Chapter

In this chapter, you will find brief videos designed to maintain the interest of middle school students as they review statistics. Expert instructors are a click away to answer questions that arise and short quizzes are available for each lesson to assess whether your 6th-8th grader is grasping statistical concepts.

6th-8th Grade Math: Statistics - Chapter Summary

The video lessons in this chapter on statistics are designed to help reinforce the material your middle school student is learning in class. The videos keep things simple and fun as they review topics such as types of sample groups, the various ways statistics can be grouped in terms of mean, median, mode and range and how to interpret these measurements and quartiles on tables and graphs.

Subject matter experts can help answer any questions that arise. Use the short, multiple-choice quizzes after each lesson and the chapter exam to confirm your 6th-8th grader's grasp of statistics and find any gaps in comprehension that need further clarification. You can view the video lessons as many times as needed and you can easily jump between subjects therein.

Chapter Lessons and Objectives

Video Objective
How to Calculate Mean, Median, Mode & Range Students will learn the difference between mean, median, mode and range and how to calculate them.
Samples: Representative, Random & Biased With this lesson, students will be able to tell the difference between types of sample groups and explain their significance.
Finding Mean, Median & Mode on a Frequency Table Following this lesson, students will be able to demonstrate their ability to identify mean, median and mode on a table.
Statistical vs Non-Statistical Questions Students will be able to identify statistical and non-statistical questions and provide examples of each.
Calculating & Interpreting Quartiles This lesson will enable students to demonstrate the ability to calculate and interpret quartiles.

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