Ch 19: 7th Grade Language Arts: Collaborative Discussion

About This Chapter

Using the fun video lessons in this chapter, 7th graders can improve their skills and confidence in participating in collaborative discussions with classmates. Students can determine which topics they need to devote more time to by completing lesson quizzes and the chapter exam.

7th Grade Language Arts: Collaborative Discussion - Chapter Summary

Being able to effectively engage in collaborate discussion is an important skill, and this chapter's short video lessons help 7th graders improve their abilities in this area. Instructors teach students how to use collaborative skills, prepare for group discussions and contribute to the flow of discussion. Your 7th grader can watch videos, review transcripts and take lesson quizzes to check their understanding of the topics. Students also have the option to submit questions to instructors if needed.

Chapter Lessons and Objectives

Cooperative and Collaborative Learning in the ClassroomStudents learn the distinction between cooperative and collaborative learning methods.
Collaborative Skills: Definition, Lesson & QuizThis lesson introduces students to collaborative skills and provides several examples.
Coming to a Discussion PreparedThe instructor provides students with preparation strategies for class or group discussions.
How to Contribute to a DiscussionStudents learn ways to ask questions and give responses that effectively contribute to group discussions.
Demonstrating Understanding of Multiple PerspectivesIn this lesson, students learn to use paraphrasing and reflection to show their comprehension of ideas expressed from different perspectives.

5 Lessons in Chapter 19: 7th Grade Language Arts: Collaborative Discussion
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Cooperative and Collaborative Learning in the Classroom

1. Cooperative and Collaborative Learning in the Classroom

It's extremely common for teachers to require students to work in groups. However, certain types of groups and activities are preferred over others. In this lesson, we define cooperative learning and discuss its advantages in the classroom. We also define collaborative learning and explain how it is different than cooperative learning.

Collaborative Skills: Definition & Explanation

2. Collaborative Skills: Definition & Explanation

Find out what collaborative skills are and learn about different types of collaborative skills in this lesson. You'll receive a few tips for teaching students about collaborative skills, then you can take a quiz to test your new knowledge.

Coming to a Discussion Prepared

3. Coming to a Discussion Prepared

How do you come to a discussion ready to share your point of view? What if you still have a lot of unanswered questions? This lesson describes tips for getting ready to engage with others about topics, texts, and issues.

How to Contribute to a Discussion

4. How to Contribute to a Discussion

In this lesson we explore some of the best ways to contribute meaningfully to classroom discussion, from making sure you are prepared to making sure your answers are concise.

Demonstrating an Understanding of Multiple Perspectives

5. Demonstrating an Understanding of Multiple Perspectives

In order to live or lead peacefully in a multicultural society, it's important to show that you understand multiple perspectives. This is an especially difficult problem in the U.S. today. We'll learn about this using examples from current political events.

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