Ch 15: 8th Grade Math: Operations with Decimals

About This Chapter

Use the succinct and engaging videos found in this chapter to teach your eighth grader how to divide, multiply, add and subtract decimals. Interactive worksheets and end-of-lesson quizzes ensure that your child is getting everything they need out of the lessons.

8th Grade Math: Operations with Decimals - Chapter Summary

This chapter covers the basics of using operations with decimals, including tips on how to estimate solutions and solve two-step problems. Middle school students will also get a chance to hone their skills in mapping decimal differences and simplifying expressions. At the end of the chapter, students have a chance to take a comprehensive test that indicates how well they retained the presented information.

Chapter Lessons and Objectives

Lesson Objective
Inequalities with Decimals Students are presented with decimal inequalities and instructed on how to solve them.
Converting Decimals to Mixed Numbers This lesson shows how to change a decimal into a mixed number.
Adding and Subtracting Decimals: Examples & Word Problems Using word problems, this lesson demonstrates how to add and subtract decimals.
Multiplying and Dividing Decimals: Examples & Word Problems Students study how to multiply and divide decimals.
How to Estimate with Decimals to Solve Math Problems Instructors provide examples of how to estimate decimals to solve problems.
Practice Estimating Sums, Differences, and Products of Decimals At the end of this lesson, students should have a firm grasp of estimating decimals.
Solving Problems using Decimal Numbers Students solve problems involving decimals and fractions.
Solving One and Two Operation Problems Involving Positive Decimals With Estimation Instructors show students how to use estimation to solve operation problems with decimals.
Solving One and Two Operation Problems Involving Positive Decimals With Guess and Check This lesson guides students through solving problems with lists and tables.
Solving One and Two Operation Problems Involving Positive Decimals by Looking for a Pattern With this lesson, students learn how to look for patterns to solve decimal-related operations problems.
How to Solve Multi-step Inequalities with Decimals This lesson covers how to figure out multi-step inequalities.
Maps with Decimal Distances Students view problems involving decimal maps and are instructed on how to solve them.
Simplify Expressions Involving Decimals Complicated expressions can be simplified, and this lesson shows your student how.

Chapter Practice Exam
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Practice Final Exam
Test your knowledge of the entire course with a 50 question practice final exam.
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