Ch 29: 8th Grade Math: Solving Math Word Problems

About This Chapter

Use the video lessons and quizzes in this chapter to help your 8th graders learn how to solve word problems. You can easily gauge students' comprehension of these concepts by having them take short quizzes and complete the chapter exam.

8th Grade Math: Solving Math Word Problems - Chapter Summary

Assist your students with math word problems through the video lessons and quizzes in this chapter. These fun videos can help them identify different ways to solve problems and review the process for solving word problems with multiple steps. Your students will find plenty of opportunities to practice what they've learned using the examples introduced throughout the lessons. Transcripts are found with each of these lessons as are self-assessment quizzes, offering additional resources that are helpful for assessing your students' understanding of the process of solving word problems.

Chapter Lessons and Objectives

Lesson Objective
Solving Word Problems: Steps & Examples This lesson presents the different steps used to solve word problems.
Solving Word Problems with Multiple Steps Students learn how the problem-solving steps are used in multistep word problems.
Restating Word Problems Using Words or Images Instructors present different preparation methods for solving word problems, such as sketches and diagrams.
Personalizing a Word Problem to Increase Understanding Lessons show students how to use personal situations and restate word problems to better understand the question.
How to Use Manipulatives to Answer Word Problems Students find out how to solve word problems by using concrete materials or manipulatives.
How to Use Plotted Data on a Coordinate Plane to Solve Word Problems Students get tips on solving word problems by first identifying two sets of plotted data.
How to Use Scatter Plots to Solve Word Problems Instructors describe scatter plot graphs and show students how to create scatter plots and solve word problems using one.
How to Solve a Word Problem Using an Algebraic Addition Expression Students practice using an algebraic addition expression to solve word problems.
How to Solve a Word Problem Using an Algebraic Subtraction Expression Instructors cover the concept of algebraic subtraction expressions and demonstrate how to use them when solving word problems.
How to Solve a Word Problem Using an Algebraic Multiplication Expression Lesson introduces the concept of using algebraic multiple expressions as a method for solving problems.
How to Solve a Word Problem Using an Algebraic Division Expression Students learn how algebraic division expressions are used to solve word problems by practicing with examples.

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