Ch 1: About the FTCE Tests

About This Chapter

The chapter About the FTCE Tests is designed to give an entire overview of the requirements of the tests. These lessons give a complete understanding of registration process, difficulty level and many other features of the tests.

About the FTCE Tests- Chapter Summary

Utilize this chapter to get a complete understanding of the FTCE Tests. The lessons provided in the chapter give the details of the registration process, fees requirement, difficulty level, subject-wise study and practice guide, and much more. You will learn the following things from the lessons:

  • Registration process
  • Test Centers and Dates
  • Difficulty Level of the Test
  • Passing Criteria
  • Subjects covered
  • Practice and study guide

The lessons are written in a systematic and easy-to-understand way by our expert instructors to enable easy learning. Use this chapter to navigate conveniently through the study guide and practice tests. Additionally, the Dashboard will give youd quick access to the review and other materials in the course.

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