Ch 16: Accounting for Consolidations

About This Chapter

Learn what you need to know about accounting for consolidations in this concise and informative chapter. Short, engaging videos and accompanying text lessons present the information in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

Accounting for Consolidations - Chapter Summary

Whether you are new to accounting practices or looking to brush up on some skills, this chapter on accounting for consolidations is for you. These lessons will teach you the skills you need to tackle consolidated financial statements, consolidation worksheets, and more. In this chapter, you will find topics such as:

  • GAAP rules for consolidated financial statements
  • Consolidation worksheets: what they are and how to use them
  • Business combinations: definition and international implications

Our experts have crafted concise videos and text lessons to teach you what you need to know about accounting for consolidations, and an interactive Dashboard will help you navigate the materials with ease. Revisit the information as many times as you like, and test your knowledge with short chapter quizzes designed to help you retain what you learn. Study advanced accounting on your own time, and when you find yourself breezing through consolidation worksheets, check out's array of accounting-based lessons to further bolster your knowledge.

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