Ch 37: Acids, Bases, Water & Salts

About This Chapter

Build your confidence as you supplement your textbook work or complete a challenging homework assignment by reviewing this informative chapter on acids, water, salts and bases. Our lessons are professionally written and make these concepts easy to understand.

Acids, Bases, Water & Salts - Chapter Summary

Our engaging chapter is made up of lessons describing the chemistry concepts of salts, acids, water and bases. These video lessons address the Arrhenius definition of acids and bases, the Bronsted-Lowry and Lewis definition of acids and bases and bonding in coordinated compounds. If any of these topics are challenging for you, submit a question through the Dashboard for an expert to answer for you. Once you complete this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Define the dissociation constant and autoionization of water
  • Detail the pH scale and calculate the pH of a solution
  • Calculate the Ka or Kb of a solution
  • Explain hydrolysis in acid-base reactions
  • Provide an explanation and examples of acidic and basic salt solutions
  • Discuss neutralization and acid-base reactions
  • Calculate the pH of a buffered solution
  • Describe the titration of a strong acid or a strong base
  • Outline titrations with weak acids or weak bases

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