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ACT Exam Prep Information

1. ACT Exam Prep Information

The ACT is a standardized college admissions test that can include a writing portion along with multiple-choice sections in four other subject areas. Read on to learn where you can find preparation materials for this exam and get other important test information.

ACT Prep Product Comparison

2. ACT Prep Product Comparison

As you prepare for the ACT exam, it's good to get assistance from a quality test preparation resource. To help you select one that aligns with your needs, has created this comparison tool to detail both physical and digital ACT prep guides.

ACT Test Registration Information

3. ACT Test Registration Information

Read on to find out everything you need to know about signing up for the ACT, a national college admissions examination. Learn about test dates, fees and special testing accommodations, and find out how you can prepare for the exam.

ACT Test Scores by State

4. ACT Test Scores by State

Colleges and universities use scores from the ACT to make admissions decisions and determine an applicant's preparedness for college. After taking the ACT, you can find average scores for each state.

ACT Test Dates and Locations

5. ACT Test Dates and Locations

Knowing when and where ACT exams are given is an important part of fully preparing yourself for this exam. Learn more about where you can take the exams and when they are offered, then get info on registration deadlines and preparation methods for the ACT.

ACT Accommodations for ELL Students

6. ACT Accommodations for ELL Students

Beginning in Fall 2017, the ACT will offer accommodations for English language learners. Check out this article to learn more about what's in store for ELL students and explore other types of testing accommodations currently available.

ACT Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

7. ACT Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities can request alternative ACT exam formats and adaptations to their testing environment. Learn about available testing accommodations and how to sign up for them.

ACT English Tips

8. ACT English Tips

Follow these suggestions to guide your English study and review in preparation for the ACT exam. Check out the links to content at to help boost your knowledge of the areas of English tested in the ACT.

ACT Workkeys Scores

9. ACT Workkeys Scores

The ACT WorkKeys tests are assessment tools that measure various job-related skills. Learn how to understand your ACT WorkKeys test scores and use them to prepare for the workforce, and find out how to prepare for these exams.

Best Free ACT Test Prep Resources

10. Best Free ACT Test Prep Resources

Are you looking for a way to prepare for the ACT or to improve your test scores? Learn about some of the best free resources available to help you do both. Then take a look at fee-based services that offer in-depth preparation for the exam.

ACT Test Registration Dates

11. ACT Test Registration Dates

ACT registration dates are available throughout the school year, so you can take the test when it's convenient. Find out about registration options, dates and timing considerations.

Free ACT Math Practice

12. Free ACT Math Practice

ACT math practice questions and instructional resources help you understand the math concepts covered on the exam and give you a better idea of what the test will look like. Find out about some free online practice tests as well as some inexpensive learning resources to make sure you're all set for the ACT math test.

Free Online ACT Prep

13. Free Online ACT Prep

There are many free online resources available to help you prepare for the ACT, including practice tests, tutorials and publications. Learn about the free resources available online and how they can assist you while you study.

How Can I Improve My ACT Scores?

14. How Can I Improve My ACT Scores?

There are many resources available to help you improve your ACT score, some of which are offered at no cost. Many students perform better on their second test. Read on to learn more.

How to Ace the ACT

15. How to Ace the ACT

Want to ace the ACT? We've got you covered. Read on to ready yourself for success by learning about the exam and what to expect on test day, along with prep courses to help you master the content of the exam.

How to See ACT Test Scores Online

16. How to See ACT Test Scores Online

You took the ACT and now you're anxious to know your scores. Learn how long it takes for your ACT scores to be processed, and how you can access them online.

How to Sign Up for the ACT

17. How to Sign Up for the ACT

Registration for the ACT can be completed through several methods. Keep reading to explore your options and learn what's required to sign up online, by mail, or over the phone.

What Are ACT Test Results by State?

18. What Are ACT Test Results by State?

The ACT is taken by more than a million students every year, either as a requirement or by choice. Here you'll learn about how test-takers in each state scored on each section of the ACT exam and get details on how to prepare for the ACT.

What Are Average ACT Test Scores?

19. What Are Average ACT Test Scores?

The ACT national and state average test scores vary from year to year. Find out the most recent average ACT scores as well as information about how the ACT is scored.

What Are the ACT WorkKeys Tests?

20. What Are the ACT WorkKeys Tests?

ACT WorkKeys tests evaluate your job skills and readiness to enter the workforce. Find out about these tests, including where and when you can take them.

Where to Find Free ACT Flashcards

21. Where to Find Free ACT Flashcards

Flash cards can help students quickly and easily prepare for the ACT, as well as the individual subjects. Read on to learn about some online study options and flashcards, many of which are free.

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