Ch 30: ACT Math: Exponents

About This Chapter

Prepare for the ACT math test with our lessons on exponents. The short, motivating videos, followed by quizzes for self-assessment, will aid your review.

ACT Math: Exponents - Chapter Summary

Check out the lessons in this chapter on exponents in your review of algebraic fundamentals for the ACT. Our user-friendly video lessons revisit the following crucial topics:

  • Five properties of exponents
  • Simplifying expressions with exponents
  • Defining zero and negative exponents
  • Rational exponents
  • Simplifying expressions with rational exponents

After watching the video lessons, make sure that you work your way through the quizzes to see how you're doing. Go back to any concepts that still need more work. Your success on the math portion of the ACT may determine your placement in college-level courses.

ACT Math Objectives

Test questions concerning algebraic concepts make up 55% of the ACT math exam. The test addresses many of these topic areas:

  • Properties of square roots and exponents
  • Substitution for evaluation of algebraic expressions
  • Expressing functional relationships using variables
  • Understanding algebraic operations
  • Factoring
  • Rational and radical expressions
  • Sequences and patterns
  • Systems of equations

You'll have an hour to complete 60 multiple-choice questions within the math portion of the ACT, demonstrating your logic skills in solving math problems. All the problems are solvable with paper and pencil, and the test booklets have a space for you to write out your calculations. You may use approved models of calculators, however. Check with the ACT students' site for details. Your results will include an overall score, in addition to sub-scores for pre-algebra/elementary algebra, intermediate algebra/coordinate geometry and plane geometry/trigonometry.

Our video lessons will assist your review. Begin with the properties of exponents and then go over simplifying expressions and rational exponents. Take the self-assessment quizzes to find out if any areas still need more attention.

6 Lessons in Chapter 30: ACT Math: Exponents
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What Are the Five Main Exponent Properties?

1. What Are the Five Main Exponent Properties?

Exponents have several properties which are used to rewrite expressions and simplify them. Learn about exponents and the five main properties used for simplifying exponential expressions.

How to Multiply by Powers of 10

2. How to Multiply by Powers of 10

Multiplying by powers of ten is one of the most commonly used math skills, and one of the easiest to learn. In this lesson, you will learn several tricks to help you remember this fundamental, versatile math skill.

How to Simplify Expressions with Exponents

3. How to Simplify Expressions with Exponents

Expressions with exponents can be simplified using the following properties: Product of Powers, Power to a Power, Quotient of Powers, Power of a Product, and the Zero Property. Learn to simplify expressions with exponents by solving practice problems included in this lesson.

How to Define a Zero and Negative Exponent

4. How to Define a Zero and Negative Exponent

Exponents of mathematical terms and expressions can be negative numbers or zero. Learn about zero and negative exponents, and how to use their properties in simplifying expressions.

Rational Exponents

5. Rational Exponents

When exponents are written as fractions, they become rational exponents, such as ''x''^(2/3), ''y''^(1/2). Investigate the conversion of rational exponents to radical expressions.

Simplifying Expressions with Rational Exponents

6. Simplifying Expressions with Rational Exponents

Rational exponents can be simplified by following the rules and properties of exponents. Learn about exponents and their properties, and how to change rational exponents into radical forms.

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