Ch 16: ACT Math: Overview

About This Chapter

Receive an overview of the ACT's math section to ready yourself for the college-entry ACT math exam. Video lessons and quizzes present the components of the math section in an easy-to-understand manner.

ACT Math: Overview - Chapter Summary

This chapter covers the test strategies you should follow for a successful performance on the ACT math section. Lessons start with a look at the basic structure of the math section, then discuss test strategies that you can employ to deduce the correct answer choice on the exam. You'll also learn about important formulas and time management techniques. The lessons of this chapter cover:

  • Basic test structure
  • Test strategies
  • Calculations
  • Important math formulas
  • Time management techniques

Lessons not only go over important ACT math strategies but also provide practice quizzes that allow you to test your understanding of the material. You'll be able to see sample ACT math problems to familiarize yourself with the test's structure. Concise, simplified video lessons are presented by knowledgeable instructors with links to key concepts.

ACT Math Objectives

The ACT is a college-entry exam that can gauge your understanding of upper-level secondary school concepts. The math section makes up one of four required test sections. The other multiple-choice sections are English, reading and science. The ACT comes with an optional writing test section. Objectives of the chapter's lessons on the ACT math section include:

  • Understanding the structure of the ACT math section
  • Using substitution to deduce the correct answer
  • Maximizing the use of your calculator on the exam
  • Memorizing important math formulas
  • Employing effective time management techniques

The math section of the ACT exam is composed of 60 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in one hour. The exam seeks to assess test takers' understanding of the mathematical skills learned in high school, up to the beginning of a student's 12th grade education. The math section is composed of six content areas: pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, trigonometry, coordinate geometry and plane geometry. You may use an approved calculator to take the test.

6 Lessons in Chapter 16: ACT Math: Overview
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Structure of the ACT Math Section

1. Structure of the ACT Math Section

Learn the concepts tested on the ACT math test and find out about the test structure, including the number of questions, how they're organized, and the question formats.

ACT Math: Strategy

2. ACT Math: Strategy

Learn strategies that you can use while taking the ACT math exam. Practicing and using these strategies can help you boost your score and increase the number of questions you answer correctly.

ACT Math Strategies for When You Don't Know How to Solve the Problem

3. ACT Math Strategies for When You Don't Know How to Solve the Problem

If math isn't your strongest subject, tests like the ACT math exam can be daunting. Learn techniques to correctly answer questions on the ACT math exam even when you're not sure exactly how to solve them.

Using Your Calculator on the ACT Math

4. Using Your Calculator on the ACT Math

Your calculator is there to help, but it can't do everything for you! Learn what kinds of calculators are allowed on the ACT and how to use them on the math test in this lesson.

Formulas to Memorize for the ACT Math

5. Formulas to Memorize for the ACT Math

Worried about what formulas you'll need to memorize for the ACT? Some good news: it's probably not as bad as you think! Here's a checklist to make sure you're on top of everything.

Time Management Techniques for the ACT Math

6. Time Management Techniques for the ACT Math

Do you run out of time on your practice ACT Math section? You're not alone! In this lesson, you'll find tips and strategy hints for beating the clock and maximizing the number of questions you answer.

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