Ch 3: Adaptive Leaders & Teams

About This Chapter

Through this chapter, your organization's leaders will learn about the qualities of adaptive leadership and teams. Assign the chapter at any time to help your managers improve their management skills and become more adaptable as team leaders.

Adaptive Leaders & Teams - Chapter Summary

Assign this chapter to your company's managers to help them establish and strengthen their adaptive leadership skills. As they work through the chapter, they'll become familiar with the elements of adaptive leadership, disruptive thinking and collaborative adaptation. They'll also learn strategies for improving work team adaptability.

The chapter offers short lessons that can be accessed at any time that's convenient. Additionally, the chapter comes with short quizzes that can help your managers check their understanding of important adaptable leadership concepts.

How It Helps

  • Builds awareness: Managers who complete the chapter will become aware of the components and characteristics of adaptive leadership and teams.
  • Defines key concepts: Lessons offer simple definitions of essential terms, including adaptive leadership and collaborative adaptation.
  • Improves agile adaptability: The chapter shows leaders how to improve agile adaptability across their work teams.

Skills Covered

By the end of the chapter, your company's leaders should be able to:

  • Define adaptive leadership and collaborative adaptation
  • Assess the role of disruptive thinking in adaptive leadership
  • Recognize the characteristics of adaptive work teams
  • Help work teams adapt to change

6 Lessons in Chapter 3: Adaptive Leaders & Teams
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Adaptive Leadership: Definition & Examples

1. Adaptive Leadership: Definition & Examples

This lesson is first going to go over what an adaptive leader is as well as discuss some of his or her traits. Then, we'll go over some of these many traits in action using specific examples.

Disruptive Thinking in Adaptive Leadership

2. Disruptive Thinking in Adaptive Leadership

This lesson is going to go over the concept of disruptive thinking as it applies to adaptive leadership. You'll learn about numerous examples of how disruptive thinking can change organizations.

Applying Adaptive Leadership in Challenging Environments

3. Applying Adaptive Leadership in Challenging Environments

Adaptive leadership can improve both the culture and the bottom line of a company, but can it be applied in organizations with challenging cultures? In this lesson, we'll look at how to be an adaptive leader in a tough environment.

Adaptable Work Teams: Characteristics & Importance

4. Adaptable Work Teams: Characteristics & Importance

Adaptable work teams find new ways of doing things when situations change or challenges are encountered. In this lesson, you'll learn more about the importance of adaptability and traits of these types of teams.

Collaborative Adaptation: Definition & Importance

5. Collaborative Adaptation: Definition & Importance

Collaborative adaptation is all about how your team approaches and handles change. In this lesson, you'll learn more about this characteristic and how you can encourage and facilitate it in your teams.

Strategies to Help Work Teams Adapt to Change

6. Strategies to Help Work Teams Adapt to Change

Motivating and encouraging members of work teams through organizational change can be challenging. In this lesson, managers can learn some tips for helping team members successfully navigate change.

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