Ch 20: Additional Topics: Sets

About This Chapter

The information in this Additional Topics - Sets chapter is designed to teach you how to write sets and create a subset of a universal set. Discover how to use set notation and interval notation by watching this chapter's online video lessons.

Additional Topics - Sets - Chapter Summary

Discover what you need to know about math sets in this Additional Topics - Sets chapter. Learn to differentiate between 1- and 2-variable inequalities and study the rules for transforming single inequalities into compound inequalities. When you watch this chapter's online video lessons, you'll learn how to define and identify a complement of a set and use a Venn diagram. The lessons will teach you how to use alternate notation for a universal set. Through the videos in this chapter, you can also learn how to:

  • Describe the use of commutativity, associativity or a double negative
  • Explain the use of universal sets, complements and subsets
  • Recognize a universal set in math
  • Illustrate the complement of a set
  • Define sample spaces
  • Express compound inequalities with set notation and interval notation

The Additional Topics - Sets chapter consists of short video lessons that were created to present educational information in a fun and entertaining manner. The lessons are taught by experienced instructors. You can either submit your questions to instructors, or you can use the handy video tags located in the timeline to go back and re-watch any part of the video.

Another option is to review the corresponding transcripts to clarify any of the material. Once you have finished the lessons, take the self-assessment quizzes to measure your progress. You can also take the chapter examination for this purpose.

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