Ch 21: Additional Topics: Unions & Intersections

About This Chapter

Complete this chapter of short lesson videos to learn about unions and intersections. Watch videos on cardinality, Venn diagrams and more then take quizzes to check your knowledge.

Additional Topics: Unions & Intersections - Chapter Summary

The video lessons in this chapter have been compiled to help you reinforce your understanding of mathematical unions and intersections. In doing so, professional instructors explain cardinality, Cartesian products and Venn diagrams. If at any point in this chapter you become confused about a topic, be sure to ask our instructors for clarification so that you may master the material on:

  • Elements of mathematical sets
  • Infinite, finite, equal and empty subsets
  • Finding Cartesian products
  • Structures and functions of Venn diagrams

Fortify your understanding of the material in this chapter by printing out the lesson worksheets to use as study guides and discover areas you need additional help with by taking lesson quizzes. Review related key areas in the lesson videos by re-watching main points in the videos or reading over the lesson transcripts that present the material in an alternative easy-to-read format.

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