Ch 41: Advancing Professionalism in Education

About This Chapter

Use this chapter to improve your understanding of the process of advancing professionalism in education. Take a look at benefits and types of professional development for educators.

Advancing Professionalism in Education - Chapter Summary

Find out about ways of advancing professionalism in education with the lessons in this chapter. See activities for teachers' professional development, new teacher mentoring tips, and the symptoms and causes of teacher burnout. Get to know more about additional lesson material, like:

  • Teacher development stages
  • Ideas for promoting the professional development of teachers
  • Tips for reaching professional development goals as a teacher
  • Model for a professional learning community
  • Staying current with trends in education
  • Teacher burnout avoidance

Lessons are short and engaging. Each lesson has a simple self-assessment quiz to test your understanding of the material just covered. There is a feature which allows you to ask a question directly of a expert. Track your progress on your dashboard.

9 Lessons in Chapter 41: Advancing Professionalism in Education
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Stages of Teacher Development

1. Stages of Teacher Development

As Charles Kuralt once stated, 'Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.' This is why each stage of the teacher development process is so important. This lesson will highlight each stage of the process and provide examples. A short quiz will follow to test your knowledge.

Professional Development for Educators: Benefits & Types

2. Professional Development for Educators: Benefits & Types

Completing your degree and obtaining professional certification are only the first steps in a teaching career. Professional development involving ongoing reflection, focused study, and targeted conversation with colleagues ensures best practices are being implemented for overall student success.

Teacher Professional Development Ideas

3. Teacher Professional Development Ideas

This lesson is designed to provide resources for teachers, future teachers, researchers, and others who want to enhance teacher professional development. Professional development is an essential way for educators to enhance critical thinking skills, gain new knowledge of the subject matter, and explore new learning tools.

Teacher Professional Development Activities

4. Teacher Professional Development Activities

In this lesson, we will discuss why professional development is essential for teachers and types of professional development activities. We will also briefly cover state requirements and paying for professional development.

Teacher Professional Development Goals

5. Teacher Professional Development Goals

This lesson discusses the importance of having robust professional development goals and shares tips for achieving those goals. In addition, reasons for pursuing the goals mentioned below are discussed.

Professional Learning Community: Definition & Model

6. Professional Learning Community: Definition & Model

Teachers work together provide the best education for their students. Often they are organized into professional learning communities (PLCs) to help facilitate this process. This lesson will introduce PLCs and how they are implemented in schools.

How to Keep Up with Trends in Education

7. How to Keep Up with Trends in Education

In this lesson, we will look at several ways teachers can stay up to date on trends in education. We will discuss topics such as attending professional development, taking a college class, joining a professional organization, among others.

Tips for Mentoring New Teachers

8. Tips for Mentoring New Teachers

This lesson examines the role of the mentor. How will you provide support to a new teacher. What should new teachers know in order to have a successful first school year? We'll discuss some tips for success and why new teachers should be familiar with them.

Avoiding Teacher Burnout: Causes and Symptoms

9. Avoiding Teacher Burnout: Causes and Symptoms

Many teachers may debate Neil Young's statement: 'It's better to burn out, then to fade away.' This lesson will highlight causes and symptoms of teacher burnout. A short quiz will follow to test your knowledge.

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