Ch 50: AEPA: Ethnicity & Geography

About This Chapter

When preparing for the AEPA Middle Grades Social Science certification exam complete the activities of this chapter to improve your understanding of ethnicity and race, how ethnicity can morph into nationality, ethnic completion and cases of ethnic cleansing.

AEPA: Ethnicity & Geography - Chapter Summary

This chapter will help you review what you know about the deference between ethnicity and race, how ethnicities can become nationalities, why different ethnicities sometime clash and how these clashes can result in ethnic cleansing. Start your review of this chapter by watching the short, engaging, mobile device friendly lesson videos. In these videos watch our expert instructors as they explain the following potential AEPA Middle Grades Social Science exam topics:

  • Differences between race and ethnicity
  • Relationships between social minorities and social majorities
  • Transformation of ethnicities into nationalities
  • Division and domination in ethnic competition
  • Ethnic cleansing

In addition to reviewing these lessons, be sure to use the lesson quizzes to test your mastery over the material presented. Use the results from these quizzes to find topics you don't understand so that you can return to the lesson videos and improve your understanding of them. As you return to the lessons use the video tags to go directly to the locations of the videos that discuss the topics you need to review. For an alternative review of the lessons read the lesson transcripts.

AEPA: Ethnicity & Geography - Objectives

The AEPA Middle Grades Social Science test is used in the state of Arizona to measure potential middle grades social science teachers' understanding of the social sciences. Test takers of this computer-based certification exam are asked to complete 150 multiple-choice questions in a 180-minute testing session. Nineteen percent of these questions will fall under the domain of Geography and Culture. You can use this chapter to improve your understanding of the topic of ethnicity and how differences in ethnicity have led to competition and even ethnic cleansing.

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