Ch 11: AEPA Math: Algebraic Expressions

About This Chapter

In this chapter, explore algebraic expressions and other concepts, such as combining like and simplifying expressions, in preparation for taking the AEPA Math test.

AEPA Math - Algebraic Expressions - Chapter Summary

With the help of the lessons in this chapter, you can practice the process of simplifying algebraic expressions and combining like terms. You may also review the rules for adding and subtracting expressions. Sharpening your knowledge of these algebraic concepts will assist you in passing the AEPA Math examination. The video lessons in this chapter aim to help you with:

  • Interpreting math formulas and expressing relationships as algebraic expressions
  • Using the order of operations when evaluating expressions
  • Simplifying an equation with the distributive property or by combining like terms
  • Simplifying equations with negative signs

These math concepts are taught by experienced instructors who are also available to answer your questions. The video lessons are brief but powerful learning tools that help you quickly prepare for the AEPA Math examination. Use the video tags to locate specific parts of the video you'd like to focus on. You can also refer to the corresponding written transcripts for additional review. Self-assessment quizzes follow each lesson, and you can also take the practice chapter examination to test your knowledge.

AEPA Math - Algebraic Expressions Objectives

Algebraic expressions, such as those covered in this chapter, are included in the Patterns, Algebra and Functions section of the AEPA Math examination, used for math teaching endorsements in Arizona. This section of the five-part test accounts for 24% of the overall score. The computer-based test verifies that you understand problem-solving methodologies, among other topics on its 150 multiple-choice questions. You'll be allowed approximately four hours and 15 minutes to complete the examination.

7 Lessons in Chapter 11: AEPA Math: Algebraic Expressions
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Understanding and Evaluating Math Formulas

1. Understanding and Evaluating Math Formulas

With all the formulas out there, how do you know which one to pick? And how do you read formulas anyways? Watch this video lesson and you will find the answers to these questions.

Expressing Relationships as Algebraic Expressions

2. Expressing Relationships as Algebraic Expressions

What do you do when you don't know what a number is but you do know how it relates to something else? You use an algebraic expression. In this lesson, we'll learn how to express relationships as algebraic expressions.

Evaluating Simple Algebraic Expressions

3. Evaluating Simple Algebraic Expressions

In this lesson, we'll learn how to evaluate algebraic expressions, which involves substituting numbers for variables and following the order of operations. By the end of the lesson, you'll be an algebraic expression expert.

The Distributive Property and Algebraic Expressions

4. The Distributive Property and Algebraic Expressions

The order of operations is great. But sometimes we need to bend the rules to simplify an equation. Fortunately, the distributive property gives us a scenario in which this is okay. Learn all about it in this lesson.

Combining Like Terms in Algebraic Expressions

5. Combining Like Terms in Algebraic Expressions

When you have an algebraic expression that's much too long, it would be great if you could simplify it. That's when knowing how to combine like terms comes in. In this lesson, we'll learn the process of combining like terms and practice simplifying expressions.

Practice Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

6. Practice Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

In this lesson, we'll practice simplifying a variety of algebraic expressions. We'll use two key concepts, combining like terms and the distributive property, to help us simplify.

Negative Signs and Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

7. Negative Signs and Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

Don't let negative signs get you down. In this lesson, we'll stay positive as we practice simplifying algebraic expressions that have those tricky negative signs.

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